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Hey, I'm in limbo land at the mo...the neurologists and doctors all think that I have ms but got to wait until my next neuro appointment on Sat to hopefully get it a bit more concrete. All of this has been very quick for me...one minute I can conquer the world lol, next I feel totally lost...Help??x



Hi Cariad, I've been diagnosed for 18 months now and I had a lot of limbo land too - however the neuro had made a diagnosis and i had to find out from my nurse at my GPs. I hope you find the answers you are looking for, but we're all here if you need to talk. S.



Best wishes.



I second what Sue said, you can still conquer thre world, you may just need to take a different route ;) Look after yourself xx



Thankyou everyone:) Even though no-one has said anything that, in a way, common sense couldn't have worked out..it feels totally different when you hear other people who've been there and done it saying it. It still feels possible I guess:) I'm a very positive person...I guess the frustrating thing is how one minute I'm being very rational and telling myself that it's baby steps that matter (I went from not being able to walk to walking in a week with some new tablets) but then in the same day, I just feel frustrated beyond all belief at how worn out I am etc. I suppose conquering the world may take a little longer than planned hehe xx



I know the others have heard this before but check out 'MS and your feelings' by Allison Shaddy, it honestly helped with all the different emotions that I went through. You can definitely still conquer the world Cariad, just now you have a lot more people out there to appreciate it. It is scary not knowing and dealing with everything but I think everyday we try it makes us a stronger, better person. Take care and keep in touch xxx



Hey buddy, just a quick message to say keep smiling! Going through the diagnosis is pretty trippy (was for me because I had never heard of MS, apart from it sounding scary!) and living with ms can add challenges to your daily life, but you can always overcome them (or just go round if it is easier!). As far as conquering the world goes, there is nothing to stop you, before I had MS I would be knackered doing a 30 min run, since I was diagnosed I have run half marathons and am running the New York marathon in November! All the best,



To you all, just a quick update...officially diagnosed on the 9th April so it's concrete now. Feel a bit more composed about MS now, helped both by having a bit of time to digest it and also some decent info from the MS nurse. All of your messages were really lovely. It's nice not to feel so alone. As for the marathons Iain...wow...good luck and congratulations! I'm pretty determined and am looking at returning to work in May (haven't been able to work since 23rd March on doc's orders) so am excited about that even though I will be starting with just part time rather than full time. Just taking the days slowly at mo and one baby step at a time. Thanks again everyone. I'm truly touched by your support. xx