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Vitamin & supplement minefield

Hi everyone, I've been reading through what seems like a zillion threads here trying to determine what vitamins and supplements everyone takes. If you have a moment could you please post here what you take, dosage etc . I'm currently taking supplements as advised by the site Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis but am interested to see what you all find has worked for you. Many thanks, hope you all have a great day.

Hi Kylie, I take 600 mg turmeric daily--that was one of the first I was advised to take, as it's a natural anti-inflammatory. I also take a lot (4000 IU+) of vitamin D per day, but I also live up in Seattle where we don't get enough of the sun's rays. Fish oil/cod liver oil is another big one, which I've honestly been hit-or-miss about. I have a bottle of it purified (no fish flavor), and I pour it into smoothies and yogurt. Lots of omega 3's are good, whether from fish (EPA/DHA) or alpha linolenic acid. I take a primarily DHA supplement (DHA is more for nervous system development of the two fish oils) and I eat alpha linolenic when I can, but I don't measure it daily. I have some B-12 that I should take more regularly... having to take it sublingually is a bit of a nuisance. (Then again, so is MS, so I should just take the supplement, eh?) Anything that others are taking that I haven't listed? I also take magnesium glyconate, but more for chronic migraine.


Hello, When I was first diagnosed earlier this year, my MS nurse advised me to take vitamin D3, cod liver oil and evening primrose oil. Specialist neuro then advised me that the vitamin D3 dosage should be 5000iu a day so I increased that. Cod liver and evening primrose oil capsules are both 1000mg which was just the highest dose I could get at local health food store. I agree with you, it does seem to be a bit of a minefield. I read different advice all the time. I do know though that some supplements don't mix well so I'm sticking to what the medics have said for now. Good luck x