Study Supports MS Disability Test Score as Outcome Measure in Trials

I really, really wish that this was a standard when diagnosed with MS. And that these tests were done on a regular basis (say every 5 years) for anyone with MS so you, as the patient, can assess how you are doing and where you may end up as a sort of prognosis (taken from MS News Today): Adding two other disability measurements to the commonly used Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) is a good idea, not only for trials but in everyday patient assessments as well. Measuring our level of disability using only the EDSS, which is mainly based on maximum walking distance without assistance, fails to take into account the impact that weakened upper-level strength and cognitive problems have on the quality of life for people with MS. Using the more complete Overall Disability Response Score (ODRS) to judge outcomes in clinical trials is a step in the right direction. The Overall Disability Response Score, a combination of three different assessments of disability, could be used to more accurately evaluate the effectiveness of treatments in multiple sclerosis (MS) clinical trials, a new study illustrates. The score is composed of three measures commonly used to assess disability in MS, which evaluate hand dexterity, walking ability, and overall disability.