Benefits of a DMT

I was offered a clinical trial a couple of months after I was officially diagnosed with MS. I had had MS for at least 8 years before the diagnosis. The trial was for ozanimod, what they call a double blind trial, you don't know what combination you are getting (tablet and injection, in this case Avonex) but I was a DMT of some sort. The trial is covered here: I was on both Radiance and Daybreak. Ozanimod is not available in England & Wales, only Scotland, but Gilenya (fingolimod) is. For me, the DMT has been a godsend and I consider myself very lucky to have been offered the trial when they did. I have maintained a good standard of life, with very little disability and no relapses since starting the trial and continued treatment (10 years), but I am aware that there has been some small disability progression. Long may it continue.