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I’m doing okay - and I’d like to know how I can support other MSers

Hi everyone, lockdown has had a huge impact on everyone’s lives and yet another thing on top of our MS. I’m involved in the Buddy system on shift and it’s great to speak to people about anything and everything. Please feel to get in touch with me if you need to rant/ vent/ seeking advice/ support. ...


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How have you been coping over the past few months?

Do you feel like you’re in a pretty good place or do you feel like you could do with more support? Even one year on, we’re conscious things still feel very uncertain, and many people are struggling more now, with the cumulative impact of social isolation and changes to healthcare and support, than ...



My MS Journey!!!

My blog post all about my MS! was always there for me from the beginning to now and will continue to be for hopefully years to come! Hope you enjoy it!



A new lease of life

We want to share a blog post from the lovely @Jane_Watts that was published recently on our blog page: Can relate to @Jane_Watts's story? What's your experience of trying to find support when you were first diagnosed?


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I remember the day I was told I had MS.....

I was in a complete state of shock. I was confused by the questions I already had, the answers I didn’t understand and the questions I didn’t know to ask. was the answer I was looking for. I’m proud to be apart of this campaign because I know how much can help someone newly diagno...


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I remember the day I was told I have MS..

Hi everyone I just wanted to share this video I was a part of recently. I remember when I was first diagnosed with MS, and I found not long after. Shift has been a big part of my life since that diagnosis, and I want it to keep being here for other newly diagnosed people, which is why I’...


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Let’s make sure we’re always here for every MSer who needs support We’ve all experienced possibly one of the toughest years we’ve known. There has been a surge in new members turning to in greater numbers than ever before. Many will be people who have recently been told, “you have MS”. We all re...