2017 – smashed that out of the park

This year has been one of the biggest ever for the Shift.ms community. Here’s just some of the many highlights…


new members

…signed up to be a part of the Shift.ms community. Welcome to you all!


votes from the community

…£10,000 of funding later and The Map landed. Since the launch, 2607 MSers have plotted themselves already, bringing the community closer together.


new MS Reporters videos

…were created over the past 12 months and have been watched over 350,000 times.  A mega team of MS Reporters and Filming Buddies travelled to Paris to interview more than 20 Experts at the world’s largest MS research event.




…donated by The Energy. Thank you to all our volunteers and fundraisers who have supported the community in 2017.



…were covered by our team of fundraising runners and cyclists, who also raised £20,190.31 along the way.




…since launching the Buddy Network, many MSers have come forward wanting to get involved and help newly diagnosed MSers navigate having MS. Now we have 10 fully trained Buddies and more on the way.



…MSers from 26 countries across Europe came to the first MS Sessions and it was simply amazing! So so many highlights we don’t know where to begin so we’ll leave it to the festival goers to explain.



fancy new site

We like to end the year on a high. Check out the upgraded site and watch the tutorial video. Thanks to everyone who was involved with the development.


All that’s left to say is a huge thank you to the whole community that have joined us for the ride this year. 2018 has very big boots to fill!


Get involved in 2018

Let’s make 2018 even better together, find out how to volunteer for Shift.ms