What is MS Energy?

Every day MSers take the Good Out Of Bad situations.

We refer to this a people’s MS Energy.



So what the #GOOB is MS Energy?

MS can lead to positive change -not from the disease itself, but from seeing your diagnosis as an opportunity to shift your outlook. Through a process of self-reflection and reassessment you can see what’s really important to you, start finding the Good Out Of Bad situations and uncover your MS Energy.



What Energy… I’ve got MS!

We know all too well that fatigue is one of the most common symptoms among MSers. It is a hidden symptom which can be so debilitating and can have a serious impact on our ability to live a full life.

However, when we talk about MS Energy, we’re not talking about how alert you may feel, we are describing the experiences that can follow in the months or years after diagnosis. MS Energy is the term we use when referring to the reaction many MSers have – the desire to do something positive following their diagnosis of MS.


MS Energy is about unlocking your own potential


Finding an element of you that you might not have found before your diagnosis. MS made us look within ourselves. People give credit or power over to their MS, it was not their MS that gave them energy. But it gave a reason to reach deep down into a dark place inside themselves and find something that they already had.

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You need to Acknowledge your MS to find your MS Energy

Unfortunately to really allow yourself to move forwards you will need to acknowledge your MS, and accept that unless there is some incredible scientific breakthrough it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We believe a key step on your journey towards finding your MS Energy is to accept your diagnosis and begin to consider how to move forwards.


(We hear that some experience a form of ‘energy’ post diagnosis before they have fully come to terms with their diagnosis. This may not be MS Energy, but rather a type of denial – which is something we all go through in our different ways!)

MS Energy is personal to the individual and comes in different shapes and sizes!


MS Energy can have different outcomes for each person, it’s about finding your own focus big or small. It can be a long process and a struggle to find, with peaks and troughs along the way.

We have seen that people tend to shift their outlook and harness their MS Energy in a few different ways. A great response is focussing on making proactive healthy living changes, while others will embark on adventures they have always dreamt of. Many MSers use their MS Energy to re-focus on their career or study, and another common response to finding your MS Energy is to find ways to help others in your situation.


The process to finding your MS Energy


Whilst everyone will find different routes to their MS Energy, from talking to MSers who have found their MS Energy we have put together this suggested 5 stage process to finding your MS Energy:

1) Decide you want to take back some control (time to act / tipping-point)

2) Take time to self-reflect (self-reflection)

3) Shift your outlook (acknowledge / adjust)

4) Re-think your priorities (prioritise / focus)

5) Unleash your MS Energy (achieve / confidence / pride / proactivity)


Are you saying MS is a good thing?

No, of course not. But we do believe that a diagnosis of MS can give us an opportunity to understand what’s important to us, a perspective that we may not have had before.
MS may take away from us, but if we focus on what we can do and what is important to us, we can do brilliant things. MS Energy is about making Good Out Of Bad situations #GOOB


Does this all ring true to you…

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