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Workplace advice please

Hi guys,

Please can I ask for some direct advice, I am sick of reading government docs etc lol.. anywhere here I go.

On copaxone (I have read this is not a risk), relapsed a few months ago, need to return to work so please advise on what is required in the way of a risk assessment?

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2 weeks ago

Oh, @katfight . That’s a “length of a bit of string” question I’m afraid. Can you not contact your work’s Occupational Health representative?

I’m sorry to hear about your recent relapse. Is your Copaxone being reviewed by your Neuro? It doesn’t appear to be up to the job and there are a range of more efficient options available.

2 weeks ago

@stumbler yes they want me to think about some other medicines, my nurse gave me a choice of 4 but I think I’m gonna just stick with copaxone as no other risk involved like the others.

I’ve been told if i kick up a fuss then I’ll prob be out of a job, tbh im fed up with always having to fight a battle with work so I shall just go back and see what happens I guess.

Thanks tho for your advice as always 🙂

2 weeks ago

You might already know that you are protected by the Equality Act 2010. Try and keep a record of everything they do. Also the best advice I ever got was ‘never quit your job, make them get rid of you’. Use the grievance procedure if they have one and of some use is the disability law service where you can speak to a lawyer about discrimination

2 weeks ago

@katfight, they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments at any time, and especially with Covid. What sort of work are you in? Workplaces must do a RA, ad then you need to look to see areas where they might need to put extra measures in place to protect your vulnerability

2 weeks ago

@katfight , you’re right, all Disease Modifying Therapies (DMTs) come with risks. But MS comes with risks too.

The advantage DMTs have over MS, is that their risks are known, whereas MS is just unpredictable. The known risks of DMTs can by mitigated by regular monitoring, so that a change can be implemented if risk thresholds are breeched.

1 week ago

@stumbler always the voice of reason 🙂 I guess I’m just petrified, petrified of a new med and keep believing the copaxone is working so I don’t need a new one. Think I’m dreaming haha

@jmms @vixen thank you both, I was given a risk assessment and will keep a record of the goings on. I may be back for further advice if it doesn’t work out

Thank you all

1 week ago

@katfight Contact your local Jobcentre and speak to an access to work advisor. They
will look to keep u in work. One way is to pay taxis to work.

1 week ago

lots of info to on the ACAS website ref MS and work, I have just been placed in redeloyment pool as cannot do my role, (but that is on full wages and protected wages as well. They cannot sack you ref MS…. talk with your manager and HR and Occ Health. Hope all works out for you.

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