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Hope your as well as can be. I run my own carpet fitting business which my son and his friend are slowly taking over. I just drive the van now as any warmth or excercise bring on symptoms far to much. When should you give up? ……..I think you should carry on as much as possible as long as it’s safe to do so. What are your thoughts on this matter?

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8 years ago

As long as you are safe and aren’t pushing yourself too hard, then keep it up.

8 years ago

I think it’s really hard to know when is the ‘right time’ but as Lillylilly said, as long as you’re safe and ‘managing it’ and you still want to be doing it, kepp going. Just listen to your body at the same time (although I’m being a bit of a hippocrite as I am useless at listening to my body in relation to working lol) x

8 years ago

have to say i’m useless as well. I always sit there thinking i’m ok until it’s to late , but hey just trying to keep going

8 years ago

I changed to an automatic with cruise control. It makes it much easier round town, where you finish up stopping and starting a lot, or on so many of the motorways where there are long 50 mph speed limits and cameras. The less you need to concentrate on at once the easier it is to cope

8 years ago

Hi GC I know its hard to stop doing things and working but what about looking into modifications to the van to make driving easier for you. check out mobility they have lots of info on the website


8 years ago

Yeah ive got a question for you guys.. when it comes to having a daytime 8am-4pm type of job, do you manage? Because of my fatigue it seems impossible for me to have a job that doesn’t involve flexible working hours..

8 years ago

Hi everyone, Iv been working in an office for about a year and a half, so I’m mostly sitting down at a desk but I do have to get up and down quite a bit which is kind of annoying, especially when making trips to the post office or bank. I havnt told my boss or colleagues about my MS, but I was just wondering if anyone has shared their condition with anyone at their work place and if they thought sharing this info was helpful/useful? Sometimes I think I want to tell my work colleagues but then I think what if they treat me different..any thoughts?

@tomtom I understand how you feel, full time work is a pain, I get tired very easily but I just try and take little breaks when I can.

8 years ago

Its hard, I think i will ride till the wheels fall off, cos I have to look after my family.I have also hinted to my family the possibility of MS but….. its nt confirmed yet so i await scans from MRI.

8 years ago

I too spend along time at work not knowing whether or not to tell anyone eventually I had too as my condition got worse I found that people knowing does help especially with little things that make a big difference even if it is just making you a coffee fetching you some lunch etc these are the things that help with fatigue in the long run and do help. Although it is very hard and will depend on the workplace you are in.

8 years ago

I had to finally hang in the towel . I worked at a call center,so I was sitting down most of the time. I got too sick to sit there and stare at the screen and even do a sit down job. I filed for disability and just got approved . I’m only 35 , so it’s hard for me to no longer do a job that I love. I’m married with a 7 year old daughter,so that keeps me plenty busy 🙂

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