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When is cure coming!!!!????

Everyday try to do a little bit of gardening and have to stop because of bone crunching fatigue. Had enough of it! Can’t just sit and rest (But have to) because then start getting Depressed and anxious. When is a cure coming!?Anyone know What’s happening with metformin?

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2 weeks ago

A cure…….
Finding the Holy Grail would be easier

2 weeks ago

@jmms , this seems to be the latest :-,the%20effective%20impact%20of%20metformin.

A phase 1 trial is underway with a completion of October ’22. And this is just the start of the required clinical trials…………

2 weeks ago

Cheers, I actually tried intermittent fasting after hearing about this at end of last year/start of this year (which metformin mimics). Needless to say that I didn’t notice anything although might not have gone extreme enough and didn’t do it for long enough.

2 weeks ago

Balls to waiting to see if metformin will work. I started fasting for 18hrs a day for the last 4 weeks.

To early to say but i’m sure it’s helping fatigue.

2 weeks ago

I was diagnosed 26 years ago and we were apparently close to a cure back then?
Nothing has really happened since then.
I have lost all faith in the medical & scientific fraternities.
Every year there’s a new fad but they are no closer to finding a cure!

Sorry if my post was too negative but I have heard the same rhetoric over the years………..zzzzzzzzzzz

2 weeks ago

What’s the thing with Metformin and MS? I haven’t heard of that. I did hear Metformin can help with weight gain from the DMD’s.

2 weeks ago

@jmms @ralee and fasting or fasting-mimicking diets, have you looked at Dr Valter Longo on You Tube? I’m not recommending him or his ‘longevity diet’ book which became popular with some of my friends with MS. It is reality however that some neurologists are becoming interested in fasting and Keto diets and plan to trial in these areas.
My lifestyle had fitted in with 16:8 eating (pre Covidd) however Longo advises against it saying it causes gallstones and other problems. He suggests we eat within 12 hours or less each day for maximum health.
@jmms these sort of diets are recommended for diabetes, and Metformin is a common drug for treating it. Whatever about treatments coming on line for us there seems to be a lot about lifestyle that we can control which may help ourselves.
And, just sit and rest…it’s OK
Stay Safe

2 weeks ago

@bernadette thank you i will look into that you tube video as going to get back on it now. Need to do it differently though as lost too much weight last time. Stay safe too

@teri_jo_predmore There was a study recently that found that metformin promoted myelin repairin mice with the hope that the treatment could actually reverse MS symptoms. all other treatments so far just slow the progression but as people say there’s a long way to go in trials and no guarantee of anything
@ralee good luck with that. I did read somewhere that the trail was the equivalent of 24 hr fast every other day for 6 months – far to difficult! I managed 2 days a week 24 hour fast for about 3 months but lost too much weight so not sure if will bother again

2 weeks ago

@jmms and all, the link to Metformin above does indicate that it’s a treatment, and not a potential cure as such. That said, some of the earlier studies using mice, did show that MS symptoms had been slightly reversed. To be honest, if any medication that came along was able to undo some of the damage done by lesions, then I reckon we’d be very happy with that. Keep watching and learning, every medical advance is a gain for us 🙂

2 weeks ago

@vixen and all. Sorry yes metformin not a cure. Post is a bit misleading. But yes if there was something that could undo the legions that would be like finding the holy grail!

2 weeks ago

@jmms I haven’t been diagnosed with MS but have strong suspicions that is what I have (have an appointment with a general specialist on Tuesday) to hopefully get scans done soon.

I have been doing intermittent fasting since April 2019. I fast every day and it is now just habit and a lifestyle for me. When I started, I only did a 14 hr fast and quickly shifted to 16hrs as it wasn’t so hard. I generally aimed to do 18hrs a day but if I wasn’t hungry I fasted longer. My longest was 21hrs. I just listened to my body as to how long to fast for but I think 18 hrs was best for weight loss. Over a year I lost 14kg. I still ate whatever I felt like but I found that IF helped with appetite correction and also changed my tastes. I’m a sweet tooth but I found that some things I used to eat heaps before just made me feel gross. I have only stopped fasting when I have been sick and needed to have lozenges etc (any good, anything with flavour breaks the fast and the key is a clean fast).

I started IF randomly on a whim as I wanted to make some health changes and the day I decided I need to do that my friend posted her one year anniversary of IF, so I thought I’ll just do that. Said friend is a nurse and has done loads of research into IF and has a website and Facebook group. She uses it with diabetic patients with great success. I have no clue about whether it has particular benefits for MS.
The website is
Sarah has lots of info in her blog posts.

These days I don’t pay too much attention to how long I fast for but it is roughly 16 or 17hrs each day. The batteries in my scales went flat and I haven’t changed them yet so no idea what I weight these days. Pretty sure I put on some Covid weight as developed some terrible habits during our first lockdown, but I think I have lost some again. The good thing about IF I find is to see it as a lifestyle not a diet. You don’t have to give up anything.

Hope you feel in better spirits soon. Feeling ya. I’m a bit in that space myself. Been feeling pretty alone… But this site helps a bit.
Hope the website helps if u check it out.


2 weeks ago

@sarah_williams Wow yeah cheers for that! IF has so many health benefits and glad it works for you. Keep it going! I might see about 18 hours couple of days a week but when I did 24 hours was too much and lost a fair bit of muscle which is bad. Thanks for the kind words too Sarah. I feel alone too. Hope you have good day today.

2 weeks ago

@jmms shout out anytime. I am wondering how easy people find it to share what they are going through with friends and family. Can’t be easy. Even depression and anxiety can be difficult for others to understand let alone MS.

Thanks! I’m currently still awake after going to bed early. 12am in NZ. Guess it will be day very soon! You too!

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