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What makes your eyes roll?

A lot of people don’t understand what MS actually is and how it feels, it’s easy for non-MSers to say the wrong thing.

“Yeah, I get quite tired too..” “You don’t look like you’re ill”

We asked our Twitter followers what things people have said that’s made their eyes roll the most. We made a short vid with some of the most popular ones.

Have they missed anything? What makes your eyes roll? πŸ™„

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1 year ago

The usual, being mistaken for being pi..ed as a next at 8 o’clock in the morning, people saying you don’t look ill and the number of people who look at the mobility scooter and say “do you really need that” I don’t get that when I’m in the electric wheelchair, but as it has no basket on the front I tend not to use it when I’m doing a bit of shoppingπŸ‘ΉπŸ˜

1 year ago

‘Why don’t you get a stick? They have some really fashionable ones these days’.

1 year ago

Too much coffee

1 year ago

I saw this on Facebook yesterday and left a comment, what really irritates me are the questions people ask, such as, “How are you?”, “Feeling any better?”… I know they mean well and it’s polite but, seriously.

1 year ago

@peterfrancis, I so agree. The conversations are always awkward for me. β€œ(Them)How are you?” β€œ (Me)fine thanks.” Thinking we can move on from my health to the rest of life and the world but no….”(them) oh, great! You’re better then! Glad you got better!”
Argh. Eye roll.

1 year ago

They were on sale and i thought of you, so i bought you a cane. (I currntly do not use one).

1 year ago


I fear that them moving on to talk about other things would be even more of a Headache, for example, whatever crap is being sold to the masses on TV as worthwhile entertainment, usually with Simon Cowell’s name stamped all over it.

1 year ago

@peterfrancis, point well taken. Or worse, tell me about the diet they heard would cure MS.

1 year ago


LOL!, Oh my… Not had the Diet one thrown at me yet.
My Uncle thought that Physiotherapy would get me walking fully and unsupported again… how wrong he was, lol.

They mean well, may be just have nothing of any relevance to say, so feel the need to resort to sharing their “Knowledge”… Based on seeing a Doctor on TV once.

1 year ago

@ peterfrancis

How are you is a generic question!! You must get upset alot !

I know what you mean though. Maybe if they said. ” How are you relatively? ”

1 year ago

Just the other day a friend said, ‘you dont seem that tired, my cousin and ME and shes always tired, is it ME or MS you have, theyre similar arnt they?’

1 year ago

Someone in work said to me “how long will it take before you need a wheelchair or will you walk with a stick first.
Lol. LJl.πŸ˜€

1 year ago

Ah yes! Not only the offering of the latest diet but also the latest vitamin supplement or “magic potion” that is under development in some obscure research facility. Because, you know, what do have to lose? There aren’t any other treatments anyway. (Why not give me your money so I can make a profit off of selling my snake oil?) (I have PPMS)

1 year ago

“can you still *insert random activity here*”
I’ve been asked twice this last week how long before I can’t walk anymore…
Apparently I shouldn’t dye my hair or go on holiday… Suddenly everyone’s a neurologist

1 year ago

Everyone here (incl myself) yes we’ve all had the same questions same comments & more besides. Lol
We really should print up a tee shirt with varied questions etc on incl ‘shift-MS’, on wonder would that help the penny drop for these ppl?
Then market the t-shirts, proceeds too shift MS….. I wonder πŸ€”
Just an idle thought no offence intended

Jane πŸ’œ

1 year ago

Initially it was being asked if I had tried every wack-job ‘cure’ that was in the – insert name of low-grade publication here – as apparently it is really effective and so on and so forth.

Now, whenever I do something in the gym (I was a lot fitter than I am these days) people express amazement that I ‘can do it with MS’. I fight the urge to throttle them.

1 year ago

The best was when I ask the pharmacy technician to not call my home number to confirm the delivery of my medication as my father doesn’t understand English very welll to which she replied- β€œIs it really because you don’t want your father to know you’re sick?” Or when she asked me how I was doing on the medication and I told her I was doing well to which she responded, β€œOh thank god. People on this medication have no quality of life and are always sick.”

1 year ago

when other people make a big thing about how they have got the flew and are not feeling one hundred percent and everything is so hard . i feel like shouting welcome to my everyday life .

10 months ago

I just recently got diagnosed and I have ALREADY had my share of eye rolls! Lol It’s the ones who try to tell you about your disease( who haven’t done their research!) that you’ll be fine and your not gonna die, you’ll get through it, can’t be that bad. Omg the world worse! πŸ™„

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