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Walking aids advice

My mobility is very poor at the moment. I feel very unsteady with just one stick.

I’m worried about buying a walker with wheels because I have footdrop and if I trip over I can see myself flat on my face!

Any recommendations from people in similar situations?

I’d love to hear – thanks.

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3 months ago

@dannyj , have a word with your MS Nurse to arrange a Neuro-physio assessment. They can consider your weaknesses and advise whether exercise and/or orthotics will help, paired with the right mobility device.

3 months ago

Hi Dannyj, I agree with stumbler plus since I had similar issues I progressed to two elbow crutches outside and use my rollator (walker thing) in the house and sometimes outside but Edinburgh’s pavements are just as bad as the roads!

I’ve bloody footdrop so crutches or a walker are good I’m more stable than with one stick

For me my pride for using these had to sit aside, hard for a former sportsman who pre ms had been #fitascanbe, but with them I can move further and faster. Another plus point especially two crutches let’s others see you and note something, which could be any injury, happened to you and your mobility is less than it was

I don’t fear of falling with my rollator…

3 months ago

I have recently been referred back to the neuro physio as my walking was really bad after I had a big fall. The physio has been a fantastic help, and I am shocked to realise how much of a knock my confidence had taken. I think the deterioration in my general balance and strength, leading up to the fall, was undermining my faith in what I could still do. Of course you should check out all the options, but don’t just assume the worst! It’s hard to stay positive and motivated when things aren’t going well, but ask for an assessment and try to keep moving. Strengthening your muscles and practicing balance only involves simple exercises but it can help. I’m not going to be running anywhere, but I am more steady and generally feel loads better in myself.

3 months ago

Agree with the advice above. I use a walking stick I bought at a sporting goods store here in the US (Cabelas) that can be adjusted for height in case I want it to be a bit different day by day or for the terrain.

I also tried the L300 Go by Bioness and also the Walkaide FES devices that I can order in the US. I prefer the L300 go and wouldn’t even consider the Walkaid as it seems my pace is too variable and it relies on programmed in and set reaction speed. I didn’t find that workable for me.

I also do PT for foot drop and feel that if I don’t keep the muscles strong to help me walk well and the tricks my PT guy gives me that I won’t be able to walk on my good days or if I get a FES device to trigger the muscles if they aren’t strong.

3 months ago

I have same and my physio organised aAFO mine goes up to my knees just for my weak leg which is the right leg. It is big and have had shoes made to fit. Mine has leopard print. It has made life a lot easier .

3 months ago

Thanks all
@m-s-dave which walker/ rollator do you use?

3 months ago

Hi @dannyj, have you considered a pair of Nordic trekking poles? I find I’m more balanced with them and it’s a more comfortable gripping position than a cane or rollator. I used to trip a lot due to (mild) foot drop, especially if I was rushing … Turns out the solution for me was as easy as slowing down a bit and ALWAYS keeping my walking companion on my strong side. Still have the odd stumble, but no face plants lately! Hope you find the right aide for you.

3 months ago

DannyJ, my wife got for me and it’s by Day

3 months ago

Sounds as if you need professional (physio) advice here: you don’t want to be spending money on what turns out to be the wrong thing. Have you considered a Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) device? This sorted my drop foot very successfully and I only stopped using it when a splint became a better option. There are a lot of solutions out there – techy devices are improving all the time. PM me if you want more info. xx

3 months ago

I was diagnosed at the end of September, due to foot drop. Still going through the relapse now. Seeing a neurophysio has massively helped, the exercises help hugely. I was walking with a stick, they recommended crutches. Not that I can walk far, I max at about 250 meters. I feel a lot more stable on the crutches.

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