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6 months ago

Dear @blagaman182,

I don’t test my levels, but I take vitamin D, vitamin B12, Vitamin K and cod liver oil. I also have flax seed on my cereal each morning, and walnuts on my yoghurt.



6 months ago

My Vitamin D level was at 34, in December, was put on a course of 50,000 IU a week for 6 weeks, then 4000 IU vitamin D a day. Since then my level has increased to 73, and the Neuro told me he likes to see values around 80-100 so recommended I keep taking the 4000 a day.

I also take another off the shelf multivitamin, but that’s not under medical guidance, just my choice. Don’t take any other supplements, but do take plenty of other tablets for pain management etc.

6 months ago

@blagaman182 , you’d need a blood test to check your vitamin levels. So you’d need to have a word with your GP’s practice and see if they’d do it for you……..

6 months ago

@stumbler thanks. I have just had one done and my level was 63. So is completely normal however I wanna try and push it up as far as possible my neuro says I can have up to 5000 a day.

6 months ago

Vitamins B12, C and D3
Krill oil
CBD oil

6 months ago

Hey – so I’ve gone a bit mental of late, and have been taking these on the daily:

zma ,multi vit, maca

maca, dopa mucuna, tongkat ali

zma, maca

when i remember:
vit d, iron…

– the zma has been useful with leg stiffness (i think…also +1 for not having to get up in the night [so much] for, er, bladder stuff…)
– the maca is a new one, recommended by my better half, for energy levels… (feeling positive but we’ll see)
– the idea behind dopa and tongkat is for boy troubles and trying to up my testosterone, because no matter how much i try to workout I don’t see any changes (dopa recommended by a forum member, sorry, forgot your username!)

I’ve gotten my gp to check my bloods a couple of times over the years (on request)/// just to see what’s going on in there

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