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1 month ago

I use for
High Potency Vitamin D3, 10,000 IU
A tip I got from a friend

1 month ago

I had a read of the swank diet and it recommends 4 cod liver oil capsules which include enough vit D apparently. Would be keen to get other view on this?

1 month ago

I take between 1 – 4000 iu daily, depending on the season. I just get the most reasonably priced bottle on amazon. You are supposed to take it along with vit k to help absorption. I know when I’m getting low as I get bumps under my skin on the backs of my arms which go away when I increase my intake.

I’ve also taken alpha lipoic acid 600mg and high strength vitamin b (cyanocobalamin) after my last relapse to see if it would help nerve repair. I’m thinking about taking ALCAR as well but I’m still reading up on it. There are lots of supplements with astonishing claims but I try to be sensible and take within guidelines and read up on side effects.

I get the 25ug ones from Holland and Barrett. My neurologist directed me to these because I think the supermarket ones vary in dose.

I usually take 2 a day. I used to just take one but when I was involved in a clinical trial the neuro had an interest in vit D and recommended 2 or 3 a day.

1 month ago

4000 iu daily and will double dose in Winter because I’m black. I like Kirkland Signature supplements – they’re actually really good quality and you can get a year’s supply for the price of two months Holland and Barrett. I get them on Amazon and add them to my favourites to find again.

Also: I get the bumps on the backs of my arms – and scalp – but hadn’t linked the two issues. Will check that my multi has K or will start eating Brussel sprouts.

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