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Vitamin B12

Does anyone else know much about the benefits (or downsides) of taking vitamin B12 supplements? I’ve read that it can help with re-myelination and as I’m vegetarian it could be something I’m lacking in my diet. I’m thinking of ordering a supplement to take and see if it helps my fatigue levels. Any one tried this?

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8 years ago

Yup I do. After my operation blood tests showed I am deficient B12
So I take 1 tablet daily. Just from Holland and Barrets
It provides something like 40,000%rda as the body struggles to absorb B12.
Have found it helps loads!!!

8 years ago

Brown rice is high in vitamin B12. You are better off to get it from a food source than supplement, so try include this in your diet. It is linked with re-myelination, and I can say that personally I fully believe this. As for the fatigue… try a teaspoon of turmeric a day… yuck, but works wonderfully, and if you can’t manage to introduce it in it’s original form, it’s available in table form 🙂 I still have times that I am tired, but I do see a rise in my energy levels since introducing this 🙂

8 years ago

I take a vitamin B complex which I find really helps with my energy levels. Its just Tesco’s own, nothing fancy. Its generally good for normal function of the brain and nerves. Its also a non toxic vitamin. Ie it doesn’t matter if you take too much.

I do try and get as much as possible from my diet though.

8 years ago

Thanks, all. May try the turmeric too!

8 years ago

Hi CBeebies the way to get B12 is ask your GP or MS Nurse if you can have a B12 injection. I have one ever 3 months had my B12 tested by MS nurse and YES it is now up. My GP told me it is a waste of time and money taking B12 supplements.

Hope this helps


8 years ago

I’m vegan…or at least am when I have the money to actually do so. When I first started going through the dx process one of the first things my doctors looked for was B12 deficiency. Apparently if you are deficient of B12 it can cause the same symptoms of MS if it is bad enough. You store B12 in your body but if it isn’t continuously replenished the levels get low and can cause problems. B12 is a bacteria ON plants…not in. Which means that most people get their natural source from animals products. The animals eat unwashed plants from the source and ingest it. We tend to wash our plants which results in washing off the B12 source.

Most soy, almond, and rice milks are now fortified with B12. So are many cereals and other basic foods. You can easily check for it on nutrition lables. But if your looking for a good dietary source for B12 (as opposed to taking a vitamin supplement form) get Nutritional Yeast. Red Star is a popular brand. It doesn’t have to be baked like normal yeast…this is usually a flaky yellow powder that can be sprinkled into absolutely anything. Cooked or uncooked. Doesn’t take much and has an almost cheesy taste to it. It is a natural source of B12. I use it in spaghetti, salads, soups, chili and tons of other stuff.

B12 supplements (as in vitamin supplements) aren’t as bio-available as natural B12 found in animal products, on unwashed veggies, and in nutritional yeast. So they don’t get absorbed into the body as easily, which means you don’t actually get as much as you are ingesting. But the natural sources do work. There is quite a lot of nutritional information about B12 and its sources and effects on different websites that are run by Dietetic associations and such. These are sources that you can trust their information to be correct.

GP’s aren’t good sources for nutritional information. They SHOULD be trained in nutrition but the sad fact is that doctors just aren’t properly trained in dietetics and nutrition. Talk to a NUTRITIONIST. They are really the only ones that know the proper information about these things and can help you.

8 years ago

It is said that vitB12 helps with myelin repair. I inject my self every six weeks.My neuro says however that is mostly given as a placebo? Dont know where i stand on this one.I take B12 for another medical condition.
Thats it,

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