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Visualization or self hypnosis?

Has anyone tried some sort of guided visualization or hypnosis? As I sit here knowing that my feet are really not on fire more do they have needles being inserted in them hourly, yet I feel it, I wonder. I know the issue is in my brain or brain stem, yet I feel it in the feet. So it seems I should be able to convince myself that it’s not real. Am I crazy?

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10 months ago

@rivka , MS is enough to drive anyone crazy! But, we have to indulge ourselves and try these things. We’re all different so it might just work. You won’t know until you try………

10 months ago

Thanks, @stumbler, I knew I could count on you! It’s easy to live inside our heads too much trying to reason out this irrational disease. I’ll post if it helps at all.

10 months ago

I posted recently about reiki, which I found eliminated sensory symptoms for me on one occasion. It shouldn’t have! There is no logical reason, as far as I can judge. One person standing over you,waving their hands over your body…… ?? My theory is that the brain can be persuaded or re-directed from its faulty signalling if the stimulus is strong enough. Hence, a massage might ease symptoms, or equally a really enjoyable social experience or an academically stimulating task. If you can distance/detach yourself from your thoughts sufficiently, it might just work. Keep us posted. xK

8 months ago

@rivka Hi! I’m taking part in a group self-hypnosis therapy, provided by the neurological hospital here in Lyon. Six of us meet each week for 1.5 hrs and learn to get into a self-induced hypnotic state. The psychologist suggests positive things, situations, possibilities, etc and during these sessions, I mangage to get very light (lying down or in a chair with head support) imagine myself in a nice environment, and evacuate the pins and needles plus stiffness in my feet. We also practice each day at home and do cardiac coherence breathing and we’re supposed to do something creative each day. After three weeks of the total six, one participant has seen her blood pressure go down (she was on the verge of having to take meds). Another has had his nightmares disappear, and yet another has noticed she is calmer and doesn’t over-react in situations with her kids, etc. However one young woman said she found it hard to believe that these exercises could keep her from feeling the very unpleasant MS symptoms that she has: vertigo, numbness, pins and needles, fatigue.
The psychologist’s answer to this was interesting. Go towards the unpleasant feeling/symptoms, as you would face your fears, or face a monster in your nightmare, don’t run away. Accept them and perhaps with practice, they’ll become something else, something acceptable (not desireable of course!) or manageable.
So in my next hypnotic trance, I’m going to boldly walk on hot gravel, rub my feet on prickly cacti, sleep on a bed of nails, whatever it takes to make friends with these sensations. (I also take baclofen for the stiffness, because it bothers me too much ;-D )

Try it and see if it works for you!

8 months ago

Wow. Thanks. I’m going to work on this, first alone, then I’ll see if anyone here in Israel is doing this kind of thing. I really appreciate your suggestion, I’ll tell you how it goes!

8 months ago

I i use it lol
Honestly it gives me energy believing i dont feel tired or pain in my leg
But its kinda pushing myself
But i havent done it since i was in scotland i forgot its gobe out of my mind but from this second i’ll start doing it
But i dont stress myself in focusing i just try to feel fine even if its in my head i see my body goes on

8 months ago

Hello @rivka, oh those feet on fire, I know it so well. I am thinking about hypnotherapy, not so much for the symptoms but to help deflect my thoughts away from thinking about the fact that I have MS all the time. I am told in my search, to ensure there is accreditation with the National Hypnotherapy Society. If you go ahead, be sure to post your story here 🙂

8 months ago

@viven, I agree. Burning feet bring me right back to thinking of the MS front and center of the mind. My numb fingers are so much easier to ignore (as long as I remember that potholders should still be used for hot items) I am starting my search now for a hypnotherapist. I’ll look for certification, thanks.

8 months ago

Keep thee self busy matey and your mind occupied if your using yer canister for something else you hardly notice the flaming feet, needles in eyes, face, hands, fingers, toes, back etc.. 😂 listening to music helps me or whistling, sounds daft tho but works a treat. Brains a complex thing but it’s easy to trick the fecker. #kissmearsems

7 months ago

Update here! Doing a self hypnosis meditation program on line, and it does seem to be helping. At the risk of sounding like a sound bite, it gives me the tools to have something to try when the symptoms get too overwhelming. And it definitely takes the edge off of the fear of the next round of misery. And since I really don’t want to do any meds besides my DMA, it will just have to do for now.

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