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Vision issues

Has anyone had vision issues that are not optic neuritis or blurry vision? Twice now, months apart, I have lost peripheral vision in one eye. It’s not total peripheral vision loss. The first time it happened it was my left eye and I lost the peripheral vision in the lower section. It was fuzzy like what a tv has when there is no channel. The second time it was my right eye and it was on the right side of that eye. No pain. It only lasts 15-20 minutes and then my vision is back. I forgot to tell my neuro about it. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had something like this.

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5 months ago

@kara_fisher , if you are concerned about this, then you could visit your local optician and allow them to examine your eyes…….

5 months ago

Yes, i get lots of blurry vision! I have put it down to heat and stress. The mornings are the worst, but seams to get better as the day goes on. I will tell my nurse about it next time, but it is quite different to ON that i have had in the past – and we are having a heatwave and work is super stressful so kind of makes sense

5 months ago

I have had diplopia (double vision on several occasions now. It tends to be worse when I am tired. Not for about 24 mo now.

Bloody frustrating and concerning. Opticians tend to give textbook answers. There are often opthalmologists in the hospital that crossover with neurology as their areas of expertise and interest intersect.

May be worth asking the MS nurse about this and how they could refer you across?



5 months ago

@kara_fisher It sounds like a visual migraine. I get migraines with include visual disturbances which sound similar to yours (shimmering and like the TV on no channel). It usually starts in the periphery but spreads to my focal point. Like you it lasts for 15 – 20 minutes. I don’t get a headache afterwards but a washed out/hungover feeling/lethargy for 2 – 3 days.

My wife (who does not have MS) gets the same visual problem but just in the corner of her eye. Unfortunately she gets unbearable headaches/nausea/photo-phobia after the visual migraine.

Our kids are screwed.

I have had MS related visual issues which were not optic neuritis (lesion further back on the optic nerves where they meet the brain). This gave me blindness in my focal point in both eyes. but lasted several months… not 15-20 mins.

Suggest you talk to your Dr. sounds to me like migraine but I am extremely unqualified to make that diagnosis.


5 months ago

Hi there,

Yes I have had blurred vision and optic neuritis. Before I even was diagnosed with MS, one of my symptoms was that my left eye was completely blurred out so I could not even drive for a while. Luckily its better now.

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