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Vertigo maybe?

Hiya everyone,I know we have a lot going on,so I was on the back garden with my daughter painting the tortoise cage,I already had my drunk feeling which I can cope with but all of a sudden I could feel myself as though I was going to fall I had to get her to move the paint quickly and I had to lay down,it scared the hell out of her,does anyone know what this was or maybe what caused it thank you

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2 months ago

Have a read of these links, it could be a little of both.

Hope it gives you some answers.

1 month ago

Hi @tammylouise, I get vertigo, it is my main symptom and reasonably normal so I am told. For ages I thought it was “sea legs ” as we spend time sailing , that was before I knew I had MS.
Very jealous, have always wanted a tortoise!

1 month ago

Hiya @kateb so I had another episode today but was worse I was even sick x

1 month ago

Oh poor you, that sounds awful @tammylouise. Did you ever get migranes? What does your neuro say? I was like that after I had had my lumbar puncture, ended up in hospital with dehydration! Hope you are feeling better today x

1 month ago

@tammylouise , MS can cause Vertigo, but there can be other causes, e.g. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), .

The Epley Manoeuvre referenced that can provide relief is something that you can do at home. Check out Youtube for a video.

1 month ago

So I’ve spoken to doctor on phone told them my symptoms and said sounds like vertigo so on more tablets 🙁 x

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