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1 year ago

@bryce_miller , I’ve added a “Tysabri” tag to the bottom of your post above.

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1 year ago

@bryce_miller I’ve been on tysabri for upcoming 2 years in June! I’ve tolerated it well with NO side effects and have been working out eating clean with an unchanged energy level 👍 I have reasearched and was a bit scared of side effects such as PML (brain infection) but the risk rate is extremely low and only more likely if you are JC virus positive.
I’m not sure if you receive the same but I have blood testing every three months to make sure my JC Blood status remains negative.

Point being- with all meds it’s always important to self advocate and weigh the risk vs benefit. If you are tolerating it well- and tysabri works for you- why change something that isn’t broken?

That’s my motto 😇 stay positive.
Many aren’t as blessed to experience little to no side effects or drug reactions.

If you have any other questions regarding tysabri feel free to message me!



1 year ago

I’ve only been on it six months. Very few side effects. I get sick (flu/cold) every month after my infusion and have a headache for a week but otherwise it’s working great. I am JCV positive (but low viral count) and I’ve already talked to my neuro about going on an extended dosing schedule after I meet him again next month. I’m so jealous of people who are JCV negative!

1 year ago

It does work very well. But big side effects, I have been on it since it was released. It can cause a deadly disease PML, plus you are very susceptible to infections.

1 year ago

I have been on tysabri for 10+ years it is been a wonder drug for me.

I have noticed my hair is thinning a little, unsure if related or not but judging from my genetics I doubt I should have any hair loss issues.

I am JCV negative and I get tested yearly for it.

you do get a bit more sick and colds/flus last a little longer than normal but small price considering the alternative.


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