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1 year ago

@milliepipkins , there’s been quite a few posts about the benefits of Turmeric.

Use the Forum Search function (magnifying glass, top left) and search for “turmeric”, to find them.

1 year ago

Hello @milliepipkins, turmeric has been used for it’s healing properties for thousands of years in India. You can buy turmeric capsules from health food shops. I sometimes make fresh ginger and turmeric tea which is fiddly, but delicious. There is a posh cafe near me that does turmeric latte too; sounds disgusting but it’s a great way of getting it into your system!

1 year ago

I use to take turmeric tablets, but because I spend so much on other supplements,I started taking turmeric powder which is cheaper in a milk shake which is lovely with fruit. if you look on facebook it explains what to do with the powder

1 year ago

I take a turmeric capsule with black pepper in it. The black pepper is suppose to increase the effective properties. Potter

1 year ago

I think I have less pain and less inflammatory symptoms, but with a disease the morphs daily, it’s hard to say. I keep taking it, though, relatively cheap and I tolerate it. I am taking it with black pepper as someone else mentioned, it is suppose to help with absorption. Who knows.

My wife takes turmeric as well with black pepper as well. She is doing fine so far, but is also on Tecfidera and takes flaxseed oil etc. We take it because it seems likeits really unlikely to do any harm so seemed a safe bet to take. There isnt really a lot of research to show that turmeric in pill form is as good as the real thing. The active ingredient curcumin might not be the thing that is most important, or it maybe that its in combination with other ingredient found in the natural product that makes the difference. So while pills are probably fine if you can eat the real thing (which we dont in our family) even better.

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