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Trying to stay positive

Hey everyone,
I had an MRI last month and the results were stable, so no new lesions, which is good.
But I had a relapse in September, which is why I had another MRI. Both my neuro and I were shocked that it was stable.
Struggling to be positive about it, as if there were new lesions there would be more of an explanation as to why I relapsed, and they were also going to change my treatment to a stronger one, which would have been a way to hopefully improve my health. Obviously I don’t want progression so I get that it being stable is a good thing. But it’s frustrating to still be suffering more than usual, and almost back to before my diagnosis of not actually really knowing why.
Does that make sense to anyone?
Don’t feel like I can talk to anyone about it as they don’t understand what ms is like.

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7 months ago

How long between the MRI and relapse? I had MRIs about two and a half months apart. Both showed several lesions, it in different places. By the time I had the second, all the first lesions had pretty much disappeared. So maybe you had activity but because of the lapse in time the inflammation went down by the time you got the images?

7 months ago

How long did that relapse last.
Might of been caused by stress of weather changes. Maybe its a warning and changing treatment is a good response to that warning. Msyve ut did t scar yet.

Regarding to taking strong treatment is deporessing I know.
All treatments are but. Your neuro knows best.

And its hopefully for your own good.

7 months ago

Hi @lauren_bradley. I was diagnosed same time as you and my last mri showed no new lesions either. But I’ve dipped in and out of relapse too so also don’t understand it. But I figure that over the years, it will start to make sense a bit more. Because I feel so reduced since diagnosis, it feels like life is one big relapse, so I really don’t feel like I fit into the RRMS category, but I’m told thats what it is……

7 months ago

@mamawals I did think about that but it was only a couple of weeks between them.
@nutshell88 relapse lasted about a month, we couldn’t pin point anything as I hadn’t been stressed, hadn’t been any weather changes and I hadn’t been ill or anything. Was just a bit random.
@vixen totally get what you mean about life being one big relapse, it’s so tiring!
It’s a horrible illness, especially when you can’t always say why things are happening to you, makes it more difficult to explain to others too.
Thanks for the replies 👍

7 months ago

Weird indeed. :/

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