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1 year ago

Totally depends on what your ms team advises. They base it on age, type of ms, history, lifestyle, etc., I’m on Tecfidera, was on Avonex for 23 year, intramuscular every week. Tec is tablets a day, joy after all those needls.Dont know how Copaxone is administeref so can’t comment. You’ll have to do your homework and decide for yourself.👍

1 year ago

I’ve been on Tecfidera going on three years; I don’t have too many complaints. The flushing can have a mind of its own. I find it very helpful to have a belly full of food before I take my pills. I also switched my routine from am & pm to afternoon & evening. I found I tolerated the medication better with a full stomach, not that there were complications just I can flush periodically. Can also deal with headaches after flushing but it is pretty manageable. All the best!

1 year ago

@pbains17 , Copaxone – injection ; Tecfidera – oral.

Tecfidera – more efficacious.

More details in here :-

1 year ago

I see Copaxone as the first-line, first-generation, safest disease modifying therapy. It is probably the least effective, though. It all depends on <your> MS. Tecfidera is certainly more efficacious but if a patient does well in Copaxone, what’s the need?

I’d go with Tecfidera, but mainly because I would hate subcutaneous injections.

Best of luck with your decision!

PD: what about cost? Is it the same for both drugs in your country?

1 year ago

I went for Copaxone mainly because I was scared of the GI side effects (I prefer pain under my skin from the injections, rather than unpredictable discomfort in my stomach etc).
I also was a bit scared of the PML risk, as it is not clear to me if PML is treatable (I think not).

But everyone is different, and I am ready to switch treatment, the moment I stop doing well on Copaxone, or I have some new information that changes my mind

Do your research and see what works best for you.

Hope that helps


1 year ago

I was worried about the PML risk too @miapi. I asked MS Nurse about it. I don’t know where in the world you or @pbains17 are, but she said there are no cases known of PML known in England. She also said if my lymphocytes drop to 0.5 or below they’d take me off the medication as that’s when the risk heightens.

Good luck with the decision. It’s not easy but it’ll be beneficial in the end. 🙂

1 year ago

PML is a known risk and will be closely monitored. If that risk starts to exceed a threshold, your treatment will be reviewed.

1 year ago

@katie_harisson @stumbler

I am located in the Netherlands.
When I was offered DMTs to choose from I was not told that if I choose Tecfidera I would be monitored for PML. I was just told that ‘it’s just a small possibility’. I was not reassured that it is preventable.

Should had been the case I might have had chosen differently.

So please just ‘interrogate’ your neurologist, and feel as informed as possible on all the options, and how they relate to your specific case before you decide

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