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Travel advice

Hi 👋
I’m traveling for the first time since diagnosis and being on tysabri. Tysabri is obviously an immune suppressant so was wondering if anyone wears masks? Epsscially for plane journeys.


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1 year ago

Nope, I don’t. Is there a documented benefit of actually using one while immunosuppressed?

1 year ago

The masks depending on the material can minimise the bacteria that you breath in , being immune compromised I suppose that’s never a bad thing

1 year ago

Hi, I am on Gilenya, also an immune suppressant and I fly every 2 weeks from Ireland to the UK for the last year since going on it, without any problems. I would suggest you just take your normal precautions.
Best of luck and enjoy your trip.

1 year ago

@z900 thankyou

@jade770 hopefully you have read some of the latest that shows increasing the dosing time by just a few days substantially improves your risk of pml etc with tysabri. I can post the article for you if you haven’t but maybe that’s worth considering to improve your immune responsiveness.

1 year ago

@jade770 , bacterial hand gel may be a better solution……..

1 year ago

@californiadreamin i don’t think I I’ve seen it , I’d be really grateful if you can send it to me. I’m not sure if I can change the dosing but I can definitely ask my Ms nurse about it . Thankyou

1 year ago

@stumbler trust me I’m taking that with me by the bucket load 😉

1 year ago

Hey @jade770

I always worried about the whole taking Tysabri and immune system etc. And I still take precautions to avoid getting sick. I think washing hands almost obsessively is key. lol I swear I’m not OCD, but I do wish my hands a lot, just to avoid anything and touch wood, I haven’t even had a cold for coming up to 18 months. I do take vitamin c everyday, even though I eat a lot of fruit and eat pretty healthy.

Anyway, I digressed. What I’ve been told about Tysabri, is that due to the fact it’s a targeted treatment. Our immune systems are not overly compromised compared to some other treatments.

The testament works by binding to certain types of cells, and prevents them getting into the brain. Basically it stops our immune system getting to the brain, and attacking it!

So what I’ve been led to believe is that we are not immune compromised in the same way that we may have originally thought.

So take precautions, but don’t worry too much, and concentrate on the trip!!! Business or pleasure?

And funk it, if you are worried, wear a mask. Don’t worry what other people think. Life’s too short to do that.

1 year ago

Just read this message, don’t know if you already travelled. My story is somewhat similar to yours. I was diagnosed Sept 2017 with RRMS on Tysabri since Nov 2017.
This past summer 2018 I travelled a lot! I live in Canada, travelled to the Netherlands(where I was born), then travelled to Spain back to the Netherlands and few days later to Canada. Had my infusion in Halifax and travelled a day to get home. I did not wear a face mask during my travels (6 different planes) and did not get sick.
I also work at an elementary school: I try not to touch my face and wash my hands a little more then before and I get a flu shot every year(as recommended by my ms nurse).
Like londonlad I don’t think you have to worry too much.
Have fun travelling !!

1 year ago

@jade770 it is a popular urban myth about recirculated air. The air you breath on a typical airplane flight is thoroughly clean. Fresh air from outside the plane is continuously drawn into the cabin via what are known as compressor stages in the engines. These stages compress the very cold and extremely thin air from outside the plane until its pressure matches that of the cabin. Pressurising the air also heats it up, so it’s cooled back down before passing through High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters (which remove a minimum of 99.97% of any airborne particulates, bacteria and viruses) and combining with recirculated cabin air.

The real issue is the surfaces. Anti-bac wipes for the tray table and armrests and as @stumbler say, gel.

Chill, enjoy, you’ll be good if you are sensible about what you touch. Big packs of surgical gloves are cheap. I’ll bet your nurse would bung you some if you ask nicely.



1 year ago

Im a saudi girl traveled to the us woth no treatment tho
And moved to the uk for few yrs to study without any treatment too nothing has happened
Your case is kinda different bec you’re on DMD

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