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To walk or not to walk!

Hello friends. So I’m confused really..i seem these days to have aches pains burning and numbness in legs feet all time..ive not really left house for lock down and before lock down I couldn’t walk well or leg weakness fatigue..drop foot from gait just a little slow step and takes ages to walk round been few weeks venturing my fella and I decided as I’d got on ok just round house..small rooms to walk round we’d go walk….erm within few mins of setting off my right leg was useless! No proper gait from it! My hip felt like it was tight as a rusty joint and the discomfort going down my leg was awful. My numb left lower leg started to weigh a ton and I had a job to even keep nagging it in my head to just walk! It too couldn’t give a proper gait. So my drop foot on that leg and my shuffle off right leg took me a very exhausting 25 min to do a 10 min walk for anyone else. I spent rest of afternoon sat in garden getting over it. My question is…does anyone else get this..whete you can potter at home relatively ok but trying going out for proper walk and it cripples you? Kind regards Carole. X

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2 months ago

I’m like you in the mornings it takes me ages to get going but at Christmas i brought a trike bike it’s made everything so much easier i use it every day I’m knackered afterwards for a while but then i feel so much more energetic it might work for you, it is hard to get motivated when you feel so ill and knackered but when i exercise i feel so much better.

2 months ago

I have the drop foot (on my right too) and a pretty quick onset of fatigue when I walk about but I try to push up to the limit each day to at least maintain that much! I also get on my stationary bike at least once a day for at least 5 minutes (1 mile).

But what I think is important is a point my massage person said to me is that your glute muscles “fire” when you push off your big toe. I had dislocated my big toe on my right foot during a car accident (stomping on the brake) and avoided using that toe properly for probably a year. That resulted in my right glute getting very weak and imbalanced with my left. Eventually that resulted in further drop foot and a hip replacement…so not a good path!

So-I think the bike helps strengthen many muscles and keep me loose but proper walking out (not just about the house) is what tires me out and really pushing off my big toe properly in a longer stride. Does that make sense?

2 months ago


Have you spoken with your MS nurse about this? Don’t suffer in silence (from their pov). If it were me – sounds ghastly – I’d be asking to be referred asap to a neurophysiotherapist.

This are carrying on as normal now. Just often there are changes in the delivery of services.

You can get the right help and assistance, even now.

2 months ago

Hi @carolelawrence, my story is remarkably similar to yours. For three years since diagnosis I have forced myself to do short walks daily. Since shutdown, these 10 minute walks have become really difficult. Heavy legs, co-ordination going, then when resting, burning legs and feet etc. This makes me reluctant to continue with daily walks as it’s such an effort. The trouble is, I know this would be a slippery slope; it’s the old saying ‘Use if before you lose it.’ I I I have tried to strengthen my legs by doing daily exercises and will keep going with that, even though it’s a real pain to have to do it!

2 months ago

Look at I have been following this throughout the lock down and it has helped me. The exercises are not hard and I feel the leg strengthening has helped enormously.

2 months ago

Thanks for this top tip @lea_jeffreys, will give it a go!

2 months ago

Thank you all for replies. Itsmewithms..absolutely makes sense..its trying to proper walk out of house that wacks me hard! Last October was going to Mexico from Manchester airport..oh my word! Had no idea the walk to gate was so far away! It was 15minutes! My face was a picture of horror! My fella got COPD so looked right pair panic struck we wouldn’t make gate closing..we did it in absolute exhaustion between us..since then we’ve flown twice more and had airport assistance who was marvellous. My trouble is I’m getting very upset easily now from years of pain and progressing immobility and I’m sick of people saying you look ok? Really??? Watch me try to walk and if you can walk like me I hope you can cope! Well that’s my reply. But you get through day..and think I need bed! Get in bed and the dreaded night pains start within 45min at very most..feet hanging out from under duvet because the duvet is too heavy on burning sharp stabbing pains in feet! Ankles throbbing with pains! Burning shins relentless…right hip pain radiating down leg! Some nights I cry because I’m sooo tired. I sleep in different room to fella because feet cramps or restless legs kick him to bits….yeah I’m pretty low at minute. I think am I imagining all this? I average 3hr broken sleep a night..i wake by 6am pains ease off but I’m stiff in hands fingers and feet for a while then the day seems to just repeat so no wonder by lunch I’m shattered. But I’m really going to voice next week I need help or something to get on with my life. I’m a young 62 next week and feel knackered! Kind regards Carole. X

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