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To travel or not?

I turn 40 in April and had planned to celebrate by spending a week in Amsterdam with my better half. I don’t travel much as I have real problems with hot weather and I’m also quite reliant on cannabis however neither of these will be a problem in the ‘Dam so to say I’ve been excited is an understatement, the Mrs has said she hasn’t seen me look so happy about anything since I was diagnosed a few years ago.

I was going to book it a few weeks ago but then doubts set in because of the Corona virus, this hasn’t been helped by my step daughter being due to fly to Italy next week on a school trip which will probably now get postponed/moved. I think the panic has been ramped up a bit by the media and it probably isn’t the end of the world like many are predicting however as someone with MS who takes Tecfidera it is definitely worth bearing in mind so I’m not sure what to do now.

I could just book it with travel insurance and then if a travel ban comes in then I should at least get a refund but if there is no travel ban and the virus is widespread then I will probably have to cancel and lose all of the money. So it seems like the sensible thing to do would be to just not book it but I was really looking forward to this trip! I guess the one positive is that I might get a really good deal at the moment!

What would my fellow MS’ers do? Would you book it or not?

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5 months ago


If it was my call. I would go.

Before the pandemic starts…… We’re a few months away I feel……Probably best to go now while coronavirus numbers are low… Getting insurance is probably easier for the trip now too.

Knowing Fate as we all do

You could end up deciding not to go…….And then getting knocked over by a bus……

I understand the pressures in all seriousness,

good luck in what you decide to do…. Amsterdam is Wonderful,

5 months ago

If you weren’t planning on using FLYBEthen go and enjoy it

5 months ago

Hi I’m Lisa I do know this the more we worry the more it will get scared…… fear is a motivational step into something we people need !!! Soooo……. go for it have fun enjoy your vacation be safe!!!

5 months ago

There are likely members on this forum in Amsterdam- could reach out to them. I had a wonderful time in that area- so much to do and nice people. Very helpful giving me directions and tips and their English is great. You wouldn’t be that far from home if from the UK as your profile says..not sure if the risk there is any different than “home”? just take the regular travel precautions and have a great time! I did the quick hop to Belgium from Amsterdam and then Bruge, quick and pretty cheap to move around that area with good train service- Have a great time!

5 months ago

Rich, you may find that the decision is made for you in the form of travel restrictions. I hope it isn’t, it may well be.

I am giving serious consideration to whether or not I drive to France in April. I will be able to have far more control of my environment but what concerns me is whether the trip will be worthwhile as all the other facilities are likely to be restricted. Looking pretty dull.

Anywhere where there are people, like a city, are going to present a much greater risk as you come into contact work strangers.

Just my two penneth worth.

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