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Tips on buying a bike

Hi everyone

For a while now I’ve thought about purchasing a bike in order to get in some decent exercise. I’m not great at walking long distances (due to my RRMS), so I was looking for another avenue. However, I’m on holiday at the moment and I thought I’d try out my mother-in-law’s bike…. the results were not great to say the least!!

I’m now 44 and haven’t ridden a bike since my late teens (not necessarily down to MS), and I’m severely out of practice. I’m not really sure if today’s unfortunate results were down to my confidence, or whether the MS is playing a major role.

I don’t intend to travel to work on the bike, or go for long rides (at least in the beginning), so I don’t need anything ‘high-end’.

So, I have a couple of questions and wonder if anyone could please give me some advice?

1. Can you recommend any exercises that specifically work on the knees, as I feel this could be the where the problem lies
2. I’ve read that recumbent bikes can be good for MS sufferers. Does anyone have experience of these?

Many thanks,

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1 month ago

@fuzzyjonclay , you need to work on the muscles in your leg, the knee is just a joint but a fairly critical one!

The best person to talk to about this is a Neuro-physio. Contact your MS Nurse and see if they can arrange a referral for you.

1 month ago

I use to bike every day, but the last few years my balance as got so bad i can’t ride a bike anymore, so last year i brought a trike bike, it’s amazing now I’m mobile again! im getting so much fitter, hope you get yourself a bike right for you.

1 month ago

I would definitely get a recumbent bike for exercise and a trike because of the balance issues.

1 month ago

Saw the comment on recumbent bike
I bought one so I could ride again. My sense of balance is gone so it was a trike or walking.
The issue was there so @# expensive. I got lucky and found a Terratrike at pawn shop
I was able to put it on layaway and got it at a reasonable price.

1 month ago


Are you working? Does your employer have a cycle to work scheme? You might be able to get financial assistance for the purchase of a bike through payroll and save money in tax as well.

As for purchasing a bike, I can’t give any real recommendations, however, I am mega envious of people who have a “bike with a battery”. I often see pensioners overtaking fellow cyclists and also see them flying up hills on them too. If I can find one at a reasonable price I certainly will be looking at getting one to take out the “leg work” of cycling. What is important is getting the fit right. A reputable bike shop will be able to size the bike for you, I wouldn’t recommend “Halfrauds” as they seem to be in the business of volume sales and seem to not train their staff to well. (My opinion hey, each to their own)

As for exercises, I can only recommend weightless squats to start with. I was having major mobility issues recently and a friend recommended squats to kick start my muscles. I did start by using a 12kg kettlebell but it was too heavy and caused me back problems. So it was back to basics and after a few weeks of not using weights my muscles started to build and free up.
Another exercise I do is stand next to your kitchen table and hold the top with both your hands. Then slowly bend your knees (while holding the table) and lower your body down gently down and back up. Do this 10 times to start and after a couple of weeks try to do it 2 to 3 times a day.

Oh, I also am a user of CBD oil now so perhaps that is having a positive impact on my leg cramps as well as my mental health.

All the best

1 month ago

Thank you everyone. I’ll reply to you all individually 🙂

1 month ago

Hi, i was a very keen cyclist before I lost balance through this.
I had 4 normal bikes n was going to wait and see if anything improved through medication etc, but it’s taking so long that I bought a tadpole trike (two wheels at front n one at back) I’ve had a few goes in it and think it’s potentially the right thing, though fatigue n breathlessness are still an issue for me.
Tadpole trikes are low down which is a bit scary in traffic (confidence probably comes with time), and there a bit more costly than a conventional adult trike, but I know how one wheel at the front can tip you on your face if your not careful.
The cheapest tadpole trike is KMX Karts…that’s what I’ve got, but you get what you pay for so it’s low end, and I can imagine that If things worked out an upgrade wouldn’t be far behind.
Hope you sort something because I totally get where you’re at in respect of maintaining exercise and increasing distance potential.
Best wishes.

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