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The mind boggles!!!!

So, went to my slimming group this evening. Did not go last week as legs would not co-operate with the rest of me and had let my slimming group consultant know this. Fair to say though she does not know what my specific disability is even though I indicated on my membership form that I considered myself to be disabled.
She was pleased to see me and asked how I was and then asked did I know what caused it so I told her I had multiple sclerosis and she gave the sympathetic response that most people give when you tell them the first time.
As I went over to the scales she came across and asked, wait for it, “is there nothing you can take for it”. She then went on to ask if it was the same when I was sat down, quite what she meant by this I do not know.
I believe that any person in a position of dealing direct with the public who are part of membership of that group should be trained to basic equality and diversity standards and be given a basic understanding of various types of disability and an understanding of how these can impact on an individual’s day to day life and living.
I do not blame her for her faux pas but feel sorry for her ignorance and inability to be able to respond to my revelation about my health in an informed way.
Ok, rant over, got it off my chest now. Over to you for comments.

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1 year ago

There is 10 times more people that don’t know what MS is than those who do. I have gotten to the point if someone will stay and listen I will give them a informative brief piece of knowledge about MS. I don’t care if people think I am a bore, the information has to get to people somehow. Potter

1 year ago

You are right, the number of times when asked how are you today at work, I have just responded ‘Ok’ even though my appearance is hiding a multitude of symptoms and pain, but no-one is interested unless it affects them either directly or indirectly. When I am really low i will say ‘spend a day in my skin and you will find out how I feel’.

1 year ago

the classic response, and probably what one would expect 9 out of 10 times. it can be scary to see how little knowledge about ms there is in the general public. i was quite familiar with ms years before i was afflicted with it myself (well, maybe not the details, but i believe i had a pretty good picture). but perhaps that was because i had a good friend as well as a work colleague with ms (one with ppms from a very early age, the other with rrms and only relatively minor limitations). i realise that this may have made me a bit of an exception.

1 year ago

@superma51 , GPs only have a passing interest in MS, if you’re lucky. Given the wide spectrum of medical conditions, we find ourselves in a minority group. So, I have some sympathy for your Slimming Group Consultant not knowing a great deal about MS.

They should, however, know how to deal with someone with a disability. But, our disability isn’t visible, so we’re a bit of an enigma. The fact that they asked a question, however inappropriate, showed that they have an interest.

It can be frustrating being in our “special” club………..

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