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Tests before symptoms

My name is karen. I was born in England. I will be 43, this year. I had three older siblings. All of them were born three years apart… Five years later I was born.
Back in 2002-03, my second oldest sister started having symptoms. It took along time for her diagnosis. By 2020, and my sister can do nothing but put her finger to her face, and talk.
February 2019 my brother died by suicide. We found out later, he refused meds for depression.
April/March 2020 my oldest sister was under alot of stress about her job. Went to Emerg with chest pains, was treated and sent home. Next morning woke up and her legs didn’t work! 2 months, many many tests later. She was told she has M.S. her legs are still not working or her left arm.
And then there’s me!!
I was told right before Covid-19 hit Canada, to find out if I could start tests for early signs??
I am beyond scared!!
I have no balance issues, not dropping things or knocking things over. No drop foot, walking issues.
I get headaches and migraines, as does my second oldest sister. We always have.
My Dad has restless leg syndrome.
Sometimes when I lay in bed, I can feel it, almost like a unbearable itch. Then it goes down my body to my legs or arms.
I live in a very small town in Ontario, that has had a Doctor shortage for more then 15 years.
Sorry for the long post. Any information would be great. Thanks, 1 of 3 sisters

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2 months ago

Hi, @1of3! I wouldn’t worry too much about getting tests done. I’m the eldest of 5, and my younger sister told me she was experiencing something quite similar to my main symptom. I told her to get checked, and that to tell the dr shes closely related to someone with ms. She had a scan, no anomalies, and shes back to normal.
If you, too, dont have any anomalies, they may look at other treatments for your migraine/headaches. However, if you do, the earlier they can start the treatment, the better your outcome. It does not have to mean you will have the same symptoms as your sister. And if you are scared, people are there to help.
I’m roughly 7 years since my first symptom, and I was absolutely terrified when I got told. My Dr, my mum, and even now my partner, keep me calm about everything, and I’m a bit weird because I like to look up scientific articles so I can get excited

2 months ago

@1of3 , MS and auto-immune conditions are not seen as a hereditary disorders. Although it is just one factor that may make you more predisposed to these conditions. But this predisposition isn’t that much of a higher ratio than anyone else.

Unless you have unexplained symptoms, I would just get on with living your life. Don’t think yourself into a medical condition…..

2 months ago

Hello @1of3. I’m sorry there’s been such a lot of suffering in your family. But as @stumbler says, don’t spend your life thinking yourself into ill-health. Do get some help with your anxiety and headaches though…….x

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