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Tecfidera or Ocrevus

Good morning all. I was diagnosed October last year with RRMS at 52. I was offered 6 different DMD treatments wish I chose a Ocrevus but the MS nurse came back to me and said that my neurologist won’t let me have it so I opted for tech Tecfidera. My question to all you lovely people is., what are your experiences of both drugs and am I worse off having being declined Ocrevus. To be honest I didn’t mind what drug I had so long is was the most effective. TIA.

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2 months ago

@hayley_criddle , I would give my vote to Ocrevus being the most efficacious.

You may also find that the six-monthly infusions are less onerous than a twice a day tablet.

There’s some details about both treatments here :-

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2 months ago

Thank you for your feedback. My first choice was Ocrevus for that very reason but after being offered it by the MS nurse, my neurologist said no.

2 months ago

Hey @hayley_criddle. I think the criteria for Ocrevus is quite tight, maybe also linked to the cost as it’s quite expensive. There might be something in a lack of data for those over 50? I take Tecfidera and, in it’s defence, is probably one of the DMDs that has less impact on daily life (in terms of tests/infusions/injections etc). Good luck; plenty of info on here is you search for each in the search box 🙂

2 months ago

Thank you for your feedback. I know it is one of the more expensive drugs and wondered if he felt maybe I was newly diagnosed that I wasn’t entitled to it just yet.

1 month ago

I have read tour story and It appeals to me because I had both drugs. To be more precise, here is a quick submit :
-first crisis=first treatment called Rebif.
– many years later no crisis but fed up of jaging myself so asked to change: choice between tecfidera or gilenya. Both pills so relieved and i went for tecfidera
– second crisis so changed the drug and was offering Ocrevus ( infusion only 2/year) since then no crisis at all and MRI good without new lesions.
So I would say that ocrevus suits me perfectly but as it is a treatment which is expensive and “strong”, they often prefer to go step by step in the treatment and not to offer directly the strongest one. I know it is frustrating but it makes sense because in this way they have solutions to offer if your MS evaluate. I hope I was clear because english is not my native language 😉 i am french.
Courage a toi

1 month ago

I am on Tecfidera. I love it. I have been on it almost 6 years. It took me longer to be on a full dose. I take symptom drugs so i don’t mind taking the pills. I am far away from a infusion center so none of them drugs are available to me.

1 month ago

@antoine There are two treatment paths that it seems the neurologists follow…Dr Boster calls them “old school” and “new school”. The “escalation model” is the “old” method where you try to use the lowest efficacy first and if (or more likely when) that fails you step it up a notch. The other approach is to immediately start with a strong DMT hoping to prevent any further lesions. There are arguments on both sides and depending on the severity of MS for the person and the pace different approaches suit different people. All DMTs come with risks/side effects, etc. so it is important to weigh them against their benefits and your own willingness to accept the risk and side effects.

I was started on Copaxone in 2005 because it was one of only two DMTs available at the time. I had many relapses over the years and more lesions…but I’m sure it helped some. The point is that there is no way to “erase” a lesion, to restore that myelin at this time. So i am not happy with any new ones! They may not have any immediate effect but over time when my “neurological reserve” drops they will come right back. Better to prevent what you can on the front end is my position. I was bumped off Copaxone as it wasn’t holding me, on Rebif for a few years (no new lesions but overall decline) and now pushed onto Ocrevus for the last year.

So- it the right approach is totally personal based on your acceptance of risk/side effects, convenience (and what you consider an inconvenience) and your disease course. Best to know all you can about the options and have a good discussion with your doc. I find the videos on the DMTs from Aaron Boster very helpful for these discussions-

1 month ago

@to otsmewithms. Thank you for your interesting message.
I agree with you the way they gave me drugs ( escalation), can be challenged, and I would have preferred not to have my last crisis when I was under tecfidera, because that left me with a new handicap and no job.
Thx so much for the link, every advices is good to have. I wish you all the best et encore une fois merci beaucoup

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