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Hi 😊 Just thought I would write a post on how I have been doing over the last 4 weeks on Tecfidera. Past posts have been very helpful, so I hope this will be a help to someone.
Week 1 – I took an Aspirin half an hour before my 120mg capsule.The first few days I had slight flushing,nausea & itching on my skin. I took antihistamine for the itching and pepto bismol for the nausea. The week wasn’t all that bad.
Week 2 – A good week 😊 ,slight tingling around my body, headache, feeling a bit tired. By Friday I felt really good & may I say , normal.
Week 3 – Started 240mg capsules. Let’s just say, Not a good week at all 😕
Flushing, nausea & feeling very tired. I spoke to my MS nurse & she proscribed me
Metoclopramide, and believe me it really did help.
Week 4 – Wow feeling so much better, a very good week 😁. I’m also taken Pregabalin – for my nerve pain.
Well, fingers crossed, all’s good so far. It hasn’t been easy, but it takes time for your body to adjust to the medication.
I will leave with a special message from – Ashley Ringstaff .
You are strong. You are brave. You matter. You are AMAZING.
Keep fighting Warriors 😊

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10 months ago

Be sure to use a non enteric coated aspirin! I made that mistake for the first year of taking Tecfidera. The orange flavored chewable aspirin work the best for me..

10 months ago

Glad you’re coping well on it.
You’re now a fully fledged member of the Tec club!😃
Happy days!

@jonathan_bass I didn’t know that about Aspirin, thank you. I’m trying to cut back on the Aspirin now as the flushing isn’t as bad now.

@highlands Thank you, hoping that it carries on working for me 😊

10 months ago

keep a watchful eye on your white blood counts, Tecfidera made me ill and gave me the JC virus, it works for some and not others, insist on regular blood counts, I wish you well. is my monthly blog and I do detail my experiences, good luck

@rogersouthall Thanks, I’m still waiting for my blood results, going to ring my MS nurse on Monday. Take care 😊

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