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10 months ago

Afternoon 🙂
I’m on week 4 of Tecfidera; Ive noticed my flushing is more noticeable after a drink (I start looking a bit sunburnt!) And it lasts about half an hour. My balance is a bit wobbly anyway so alcohol tends to make that worse but haven’t noticed any really unpleasant side effects since starting Tec.
The booklet does advise you not to have a strong spirit for a few hours after taking your tablet.

Hope this helps!

10 months ago

Thank you that’s really helpful! I know you had to wait a bit after the tablet but wasn’t sure what the effects may be.

Flushing I can cope with I usually flush with alcohol anyway so I can disguise it. Thank you!!

10 months ago

Never had any issues, ive taken tecfideria a few times with alcohol and never had a problem. Just would advise not taking it with spirits.

10 months ago

@world25, Hi!

I tried having a few drinks when I was on holiday in July, 5 months into tecfidera.

I found that drinking peach schnapps made my pins and needles flare up but I was able to drink Morgans spiced rum 🥃 no bother, although I didn’t have more than 3 in a full evening out. I did notice that I had a bit more fatigue than normal the following day, though, than the nights I didn’t drink….

I’ve not tried drinking wine 🍷 or bubbly yet, but I’ll brave it at some point, as I like wine with a meal when out celebrating or spending the weekend at my parents house. I don’t usually drink as I’ve always been the driver as hubby hasn’t learned to drive yet!

10 months ago

Hi @world25, I drink as normal with Tecfidera. I don’t really go partying but I can make my way through a decent amount of wine or any number of alternatives over a good chat.

As with @dannibrett, it does bring my flushes on. Interestingly, I also find that some of my symptoms ease while drinking, including the internal tremor that I find very irritating in daily life, although this isn’t intended as encouragement to hit the bottle!

But, similar to @world25, I find that the next day some of my old symptoms give me a gentle disgruntled nudge. One of my first sensations was altered sensation in my left hand. If I’ve had more than 1 or 2 I tend to have light and fleeting tingles in that hand the next day.

You should take a look at this thread on alcohol and MS if you haven’t seen it already:

10 months ago

Never had an issue. Drunk irresponsibly at times (though rarely).

It isn’t contraindicated so I can’t see why not.

10 months ago

on Tech and the combo makes me feel intoxicated far more quickly, more importantly it makes me feel rotten. Why do that to myself when i feel bad enough with MS? Its personal choice of course but, why would you?

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