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10 months ago

Sounds good… looks like I missed the boat… well the doctors have a few years ago, pity no-one pumps half as much money into educating your every day GP.
But good to know none the less.

10 months ago

CPD for GPs seems to be hit and miss. Some clamour for it, others go as forced.

I wonder what the requirements are for neuros?

Wld be interesting if there was an easily accessible public register of what CPD training the professionals we put our trust in have had.

Airline pilots, for example, have a very rigourous ongoing training and development process. Fail it and you are out of a job.

10 months ago

Wouldn’t it just? If we could trust the experts, we might be a bit more trusting…
as always there are two sides to every story … I quote…

“Tecfidera is not the ‘honey’ it was reported to be from the clinical trials,” he commented. “Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy and other opportunistic infections (herpes), hepatotoxicity, renal toxicity, and other issues have all surfaced since the trials were reported.”

@dominics how is your holiday going? hope the tooth has calmed down

10 months ago

Check the sources. Always crucial to check the sources. Drug is a serious scaremongering site.

Read anything there and use to help filter and contextualise what they claim.

Anything from a website that is called will hardly be unbiased. Much as if it was from

Sources are crucial.

American tort lawyers love to make these sort of sites as they attempt to try and build big, spurious, class-action suits.

CoI: I write

10 months ago

That link doesn’t work my friend.
Well The bottom one…….
Fat fingers… Problem is spelt with an R not an E pro not pre
And I’m the one with dyslexia 🤗
Welcome back.

10 months ago

I was on Tecfidera for about a year. My Neurologist set me up with another MRI and after the MRI he asked me to throw the Tecfidera away and set me up with Ocrivus.
I don’t think Tecfidera was doing any good for me.
Best Jorge

10 months ago

@dominics Thanks for sharing the article! I’m on Tecfidera. My 6 month follow up MRI shows no active lesions & no new lesions. I’m happy with Tecfidera so far!!!

10 months ago

I was on Tecfidera for 7 years and I initiated the switch to Ocrelizumab.

I believe that any risks (I know the hoops that have to be jumped through to get a drug to market), and there are lots, make no mistake, are far outweighed by the benefits.

The is so much data now showing just how the outcomes – put simply, from diagnosis to wheelchair – are influenced by taking an effective DMT as soon as possible I find it a little strange that everyone is not beating on the door of the hospital demanding the most efficacious treatment.

People agonise unneccesarily over such trivial risks when compared to risks present in everyday life. This is because the drug risks are usually presented with little or no context.

It has been shown that the vast majority of Doctors cannot understand risk, nor explain it properly to patients. Of course there is confusion. Add into that all the behavioural/psychological aspects and it explains much of the irrationality of some. They are not stupid, they truly believe they are right and react very defensively. That is also a human trait.

The data demonstrates it yet people are happy to argue with inanimate numbers. As a rationalist and data person I find this extraordinary!

I am going to try and get HSCT when I return!

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