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So I have finally gotten a Dr. set up, I’m a few weeks out but wanted to start writing down symptoms so I don’t forget to bring them up seems how they come and go. I’m going to list what I have going on please let me know if you happen to know of any ways to ease any of the symptoms until my Dr. helps me figure out what we can do.

Confusion – Just go through the motions and have a hard time trouble shooting things

Mood swings – Mile to sever from anxiety to depression to normal

Coordination – Trip over things that both are and are not in my way – Drop tools pens paper

Pain – I have a back injury so it may be more related to that but my pain has been increasing lately usually lingers around a 4 it has been staying around a 7. Also been getting a great deal of discomfort in my left knee.

Balance – loose my footing occasionally

Right knee weakness – seems to buckle for no real reason (the weird part is I have no pain in my right knee but lots in my left)

Change in sensation in my hands (not numb but much different) and light pins and needles feelings from time to time.

Hands and feet fall asleep – this may not be related because it is usually very short lived 5-15 minuets.

Horribly tired – Sleep 7-12 hours a day and its typically not nearly enough.

Trouble sleeping – So I sleep tons but it is very interrupted.

Fingers feel swollen – about 90% of the time but do not actually look swollen.

Heavy arms – for about the first 20 minuets after waking up my arms feel very heavy.

Blurry vision – Comes and goes but never loose vision.

Tired eyes – eyes are very heavy and feel like there is sand in my eyes.

Speech issues – I miss speak simple words either the wrong word or slurred beyond recognition.

Memory – Usually don’t remember yesterday or sometimes the morning (which makes things difficult this is the one causing the most issues in my life currently)

Leakage – I have had bladder spasms for years with a few full releases we thought this was related to my back injury with no real understanding of why (same with my drop foot no real evidence of why my back caused it and got better but that is what the VA said it was)

Vibration – Only in my left leg feels like my phone is vibrating in my front pants pocket but there is no phone in there.

There are more but with them coming and going this is all I have wrote down right now any suggestions to ease some of these would be greatly appreciated.

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2 years ago

@tomt , well. you’ve got the ball rolling, to allow the medical professionals to determine what exactly is going on.

For the time being, you can do no more whilst you wait for appointments and subsequent referrals. Fortunately this shouldn’t take too long for you – in the UK, we can be waiting months!

You need to now take care of yourself. The worry/stress you are creating are harmful emotions, making things worse, physically, physiologically and mentally. So, be kind to yourself and use your spare time to just relax and unwind. Meditation and mindfulness are good strategies for this.

As for some of the symptoms, be aware that some of your problems may be caused by the body’s natural method of compensation for any weakness. This can put unnatural pressure on other parts of the body, joints or muscles.

A good Neuro-physio assessment may be required to understand the problems and recommend corrective exercises.

Is it MS? Possibly, but you are now closer to finding out…….

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