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Super overwhelmed

So I was diagnosed with PPMS 11 years ago and think I’ve had it since my teens. I’m currently 54. All my symptoms are fairly benign so as I got older I chalked things up to clumsiness, getting old, menopause! Only people close to me knew about my MS and when I could I could fake it, be normal. The past 5 years my symptoms decided they want to come out to play, most bothersome for me is shaking, cognitive skills, memory. So this is often difficult for me. Last August the last night of our summer vacation I suffered a massive heart attack. Symptoms were sweating, sick to stomach qnd speech was off as was my balance. Ended up having triple bypass and mitral valve replacement.
Memory issues are often aside effects from open heart surgery.
This was mid August last year. I haven’t cried and continue to put on that mask of perfection. He’ll I haven’t even cried yet! 6 months later I’m exhausted have a hubby who doesn’t want to hear me vent because he gets stressed that he can’t fix me. I’m apparently into the psychological part of my healing and it’s more painful than the physical recovery! Since my surgery my MS symptoms are all day every day! I feel overwhelmed qnd frustrated. So here I am veting to you all, thanx.

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1 year ago

Hi @ sandra_moldovan vent all you like, that’s one of the things we’re here for. I’m 63 , had the beast for 26 years that I know of, but like you have probably had it since childhood as some many things fell into place when I was dxd, but as were born with ms that’s hardly surpisingπŸ₯Š You’ve come to the right place, lots of people with experience of different types of ms, different ages, etc., so ask any questions you want, someone here will have the answer, and just remember, with ms there’s no such thing as a silly one . We don’t judge, you aren’t saying or doing anything we haven’t already said or done. You are not alone so welcome to the club that no-one really wants to be part ofπŸ‘‚πŸ€žπŸ˜œ

1 year ago

Hi welcome to the club.
You feel free to vent away it does help honest!
On here you’ll find loads of support and suggestions to try and smooth the waves back to ripples.
MS love’s to come out and play when you’re not feeling great so it’s having a bit of fun I guess.
As you get stronger you can start to put it back in its box to a degree.
I’m sure you’ll find a few more messages of wisdom soon.
Keep holding onto your sense of humour that works wonders.
Keep smiling.

1 year ago

@sandra_moldovan , I feel that you’re being too hard on yourself, trying to live up to your own expectations.

Acknowledge to yourselves that your hubby can’t fix you and just let him know what your expectations are of him, e.g. a bit of understanding, a hug, etc..

You’ve been through more than most of us, so you need to cut yourself some slack.

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