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Struggling to come to terms with ms even

I have refused to even accept my ms after being diagnosed for 15 years , its now grabbed me and put me down and unable to do anything for myself , I can’t accept this and I’m struggling , please help xx

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6 months ago

Hi @lisa_piper and welcome.

You need to talk about it and get things off your chest. Sharing a problem doesn’t necessarily halve it, but it sure does help.

We’ve all been where you are, so let’s hear about your symptoms, feelings and fears.

6 months ago

Lisa you eventually have to accept it then you can fight it. It’s not a death sentence. When I found out I cried my eyes out, poured a stiff drink and started fighting. 15 years is long enough. Live your life. What are your symptoms? What kind of MS do you have? I am here for you if you want to talk it out❤️.

6 months ago

Hello @lisa_piper, I’m really pleased you have this forum to vent on, my your profile doesn’t give anything away! Yep, every person on this site will understand what you are feeling right now. Has something in particular triggered your feelings at the moment?

6 months ago

I’m no therapist but I’d suggest that it is probably the first thing you want to do: accept it.

I spent a similar amount of time just ignoring it and getting on with life. It was more conceptual back then. And then, one day, wham! It pops up to say hello in a way you are totally unprepared for.

So yes, I speak with hindsight 😉

You’re doing the right thing. Don’t feel silly, you can’t change the past. Get the best treatments, have the best friends.

The world has not ended. You are not alone.

6 months ago

Hello Lisa well, you’ve done well to not have to think about your MS for many years. But now is the time to face your fears and get as much advise from all of us badge holders and there are loads of us who want to make your journey as stress-free as possible. Please explain a little about the symptoms you face. Get in touch with an MS nurse there are loads of meds available and devises that may make life easier. Regards Sandra.

6 months ago

Hi Lisa, I’ve had the beast for 26 years, had Avonex for 23 years and then got changed to Tecfidera when things started to change dramatically 2 yrs ago. Rrms is now becoming spms (the jury us still out at the moment) but they told me all those years ago that this would happen in 10-15 years, it took 23 so not complaining. Bought my family up, played with grandchildren all the things that made life worthwhile st the time. Then I dared to get Breast Cancer, my daughter and the other half, of 43 years, both decided they couldn’t cope with 2 diseases so now I am on my own. I, like you, are a VIP. You are the only person that matters, I still drive, swim, caravan, sing, walk dogs etc., there is nothing we can’t do if we want to, we just have to make adjustments occasionally. I have a hospital bed, a commode, a through lift, a mobility scooter, an electric wheelchair, walkers, sticks, you name it, I’ve got it and yet I still do all the things I want to do, sometimes with a little bit of help which I always take when it’s offered, but if it isn’t, then I will find a way round it and do it myself. Life has not come to an end, you have just started a new chapter.😜

6 months ago

@lisa_piper 15 years is a long time babes, I’ve was only diagnosed last year, it was a relief to be diagnosed because I knew that something wasn’t right, fear has set in of the unknown. But I’m more aware of how my body feels, felt like I’ve been in a boxing ring today aching all over,headache at one point, still managed to go work, pick and drop of 2 kids. Go to docs get my meds. It’s not easy but I take each day as it comes!! It’s so stressful but you can do this!!

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