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Strange new symptoms

Well, for MS it’s not strange but for me it is! I went to work last night, I work in retail, and my right leg did NOT want to cooperate, could not walk in a straight line to save my life! By the end of the night it was straight, which I would have thought would have been the other way around as we were extremely busy, and cleaning up for an hour and a half after the store closed!
Another thing that happened was that I was putting clothes back and all of a sudden got a shock-like feeling in my left elbow and left hip joint at the same time. Only happened once for both, but later when I was falling asleep I kept having the shocks in my left hip, then it stopped. Dont know if its MS related or not, just kinda strange!

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6 months ago

@laurianne25 , this could be your body “talking to you”, suggesting that you may have overdone it. Do you get breaks, so you could have a quiet seat for 15 minutes?

It’s also worthwhile recording these strange occurrences so you can advise your medical team, the next time you see them.

6 months ago

@stumbler, thank you. My Neurologist wants to see me tomorrow to reassess and see how I’m doing. I was supposed to work 6.5 hours last night, but it ended up being 7.5 with the extra clean up. I got a 30 minute break last night. I’m going to keep track of my symptoms and try to think of how I might get a dr note to better manage my MS. I hate it though, because it is parttime and a job I love and used to do full time before I had to leave and my symptoms started.

6 months ago

I had the opposite take to stumbler. I think being up and around you were getting exercise and they right leg symptom that was bothering you was reduced. Your neuro can speak more to the “shock” feelings and only you know how much you exercise and move around day-to-day outside of work. I hope you get some good answers and that you’ll let us know.

6 months ago

@sfrox, thank you I will!

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