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Spms market research drugs

Am I missing a point?

Accordingly to a market report research published last December these are the drugs where the money is for the years 2019-2025 for spms

Really? I don’t see a breakthrough here!


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5 months ago

I just had a quick read through of it.
To be honest I’ve met better second hand car salesman.
I’m dyslexic but he manages make me look good!

5 months ago

@mmhhpp – Please do not take this as a personal criticism

This is an excellent example of crap that floats around on the Internet, but looks legit.

1 – it is a ‘report’ generated by a company whose entire business model is in selling reports of highly questionable quality to wannabe investors.

2 – no decent brokerage/fund worth its salt buys this sort of thing, they have in-house expertise.

3 – there is zero medical input. It was compiled by a researcher whose biggest boast in his bio is that he ‘worked as a research analyst with a big equity company’. Really, a big name would be mentioned. It is like saying you went to a University near to Harvard. Prob a community college.

4 – it is taking an exclusively financial opportunity view. Usually looking to recommend undervalued shares to buy early (heaven forbid the small firms ever tried to influence these reports, only a cynic would suggest that) as investing in parma research is a very risky field, fraught with danger. Promising companies can often go pop overnight if a drug fails at any stage in trial.

The aim of the company flogging the free sample is only to try and hook you in to buy the whole report and preferably to subscribe to reports. They are quite underhand. request the sample (use a different email) and watch how fast they are all over you trying to sign you up with deals.

They have no value or credibility – despite how they try and sound – regarding a medical/patient type of view.

I’d hazard a guess that they rehashed much of the MS-SMART trial output – read here or go to,contains,SPMS%20drugs&sortby=rank&offset=0 for the abstract unless you have academic library access.

This is all about interrogating the source of the information, understanding their agenda and motivations as well as all about and CoI – conflicts of interest – they may have!

I have written about this here: Skip to Section 2



5 months ago

@dominics 👏 I was going to say bumph but craps way better!

5 months ago

@mmhhpp , the only point that you’re missing is that the future isn’t here yet!

A long time ago, I got advised that if someone was writing a report regarding the future, then, if they really knew the future, they’d be sitting at home making money, rather than speculating and writing reports………. 😕

5 months ago

Your missing nothin chick – they aren’t interested in finding a cure, it’s all about the £££ – which is fine (clearly)if you are RR and have hopers keep it at bay at least in the form of drugs; but when you get to the progressive stage (which everyone does) the cash cow is put out to pasture

Progressive relapsing remitting?! they’d reinvent the wheel if they thought they would make money off it!

It’s a progressive, degenerative , incurable illness – so they can rename all they want, but we ain’t fooled are we?! But until the progressives speak up and out, nothin will change, but their profit margins

5 months ago

I agree entirely with you all!
I get so furious about this type of news ….,😡

5 months ago

I must be a dumbwit, but I don’t understand the phrase ‘ Progressive RRMS’, given that MS is a by default Progressive condiction?

5 months ago

@vixen , it is a bit of a silly expression. Perhaps we can transition to non-remitting MS? 🤣

5 months ago

Donald Trump has a name for this stuff “fake news!” I honestly would never have thought I’d ever agree with him!
Snake oil will come next, you watch.
Happy trails.

5 months ago

It is MS plain and simple. RRMS,SPMS and PPMS are different levels of the disease. Most are dxed as RRMS and then advance to SPMS over time. It seems that the MS attacks get more spread out over time and we don’t notice things as much. Yearly visits to nuero May show progression or possibly plateauing of activity. There is no cure. Lucky to be on plateau. Things continue to progress without us knowing. We as patients just have to roll with it. Siponomod is near approval for SPMS patients. It was tested in trials on SPMS patients. It is an oral drug.

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