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Speaking like lost voice/clamp throat

So I’m unsure what’s going on and I’m kinda of in the it could be X y and z but yeah.

I get spasms in my throat, lower face/neck quite often my tongue also.
So when they started in monday I tried to just went with it. I could sing but soon as I stopped it spasmed and choked me yey. Tongue was getting stuck in places yada yada. Talking became difficult.

Since then. It takes all the effort to speak in broken breathes and voice. I can get a few words at most before I need a hefty breath.
Earlier on I was trying to explain to my husband finally getting the confidence to try speak for any length of time. It took me way too long to get a few sentences out and as it went on it got harder and harder to get words out, certain words threw challenges at me and it just o got to the point I had to say I have to stop because my throat felt like it was being clamped shut.
– the reason I’m thinking it’s not a cold or something.

When I concentrate I can get my throat to open and almost get normal voice out. If I try to sing I can feel it loosen. But gosh darn it’s exhausting.

I’m doing my speech therapy exercises – a few months ago they said I have tense larynx either spasms or stress related. But this is interesting.

Anyone else? – sorry if I’m rubbish at explaining.

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8 months ago

Having lived fairly close to you, but now live in England don’t worry I’ve invaded the place😃
One thing I have had to do is slow my speech down as these people can’t understand me talking as I would back home.
Ms has now made it very difficult to talk, I can’t find the right words and stutter quite a bit.
So I’ve had to slow it down again and think about what I’m saying before I say it.
Just wondering do you take any meds for spacicity or cramps in your legs or anywhere?
I would call your ms nurse they’ll have experienced this before.

8 months ago

Invasion woo. Haha
I mix up my words easily random words sneak into my speak (before this).
I can’t seem to speak fast just now because do have to concentrate on just getting any sound out that might sound like a word.
I take baclofen 30mg a day for spasticity and tegretol 400mg for spasticity too. It helps but generally I’m just getting through rather than comfortable (neuro took the baclofen down from 40mg earlier in the year, cause I was “floppy” ).

I may have a slightly difficult time calling my nurse right about now if you catch my drift 😛 I keep considering if it’s something else or something. Or maybe it’ll get better (well I’d assume it will at some point). I’m kinda like. Do I talk to my GP well squeeled at them or interpretive dance at them. Or something first. I dunno.

8 months ago

Well worst comes to the worst you could dig out an old speak and spell😃
My speech therapist tried to teach me how to moderate my breath and how I formed words.
I pop a lot of errms in while I think about what’s coming out next.
I was born and bred in the Kingdom of Fife now I’m really trying to make it the Kingdom of Kent but the locals aren’t having any of it.

8 months ago

Speek and spell haha. I forgot my phone earlier when I went to Asda i got the chatty cashier,not got awkward fast.
I’m kinda peeved cause I was enjoying trying choir, typical this came to join in the fun.
I just stop dead when I’m trying to talk generally and point at things when I’m stuck for words which is often.
Kingdom of Kent good luck on that one haha.

8 months ago

Another thing she recommended was carry a little card in my pocket saying you have a problem with your speech.
Kinda stops people thinking you’ve had to many beers…
I’ve only used it a few times but it does really help to be honest.
Gets rid of the awkward moments very quickly, made a huge difference once people know the score.

8 months ago

@elliesmith , our brains are working overtime for us already, when trying to interpret corrupt or missing messages, so you can start to appreciate how access to our own online vocabulary becomes “difficult”.

Here’s an article on speech difficulties, which may provide some information for you :-

and one on Swallowing :-

I can see why you’re reticent about calling up your MS Nurse. Use this tool and you may be able to find an email address for them :-

8 months ago

Hi again.
I’ve just read back what I wrote last night…my bad about ringing people up!
In my defence I suffer from another problem.
It’s called the engage brain before you engage your fingers criteria….it’s very common in men according to my wife.
And she’s always right, in fact I’ve been instructed under pain of death that women are always right.
Which goes without saying😃

8 months ago

Well my nurse called today. Out of the blue. She didn’t address nor care. I said I couldn’t talk well like it was clamping and she says “and this is normal for you” and I said no and she says “not this long?” Never… Then she just went on with her real reason for the call…
So yeah clearly they don’t care. (Ah the fun and lack of communication in this department could make people crazy but for another day).
She was trying to speed my up finishing my sentence but I couldn’t exactly stop the sentence so I had to keep going til I finished before I could think anything else yey…

But yeah anyways…

@highlander women are always right until their not but you never tell them, you have to let them believe they are right , coming from a woman haha.

8 months ago

@stumbler I spoke to my aunt yesterday (speech therapist). She’s definitely recommending referral to them, though she’s finding it kind of awkward, while her colleague works in voice who’d probably see me, my aunt has the most experience in ms. So depending on how they want to play it I could have to see her, which I don’t really mind but I think it’d be awkward and so does she but of she’s got most experience it works.

Did have to get my mum to chill out though cause she was suggesting I Skype my aunt and stuff..she’s a little despirate haha.

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