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Something stuck in my throat

Been having swallowing issues for many months. Choking on food often, swallowing when I’m chewing. Etc etc.

But on Thursday it got really bad and I wasn’t able to shift a piece. Now it’s Monday night and it’s still there. It’s shifted a few times. And swallowing is tough. But I’m still eating and breathing okay enough. But it just won’t leave…

I think I’m gonna have to go to docs tomorrow and see what if anything they will be able to do.

My mum suggested it’s phantom but why would it move…
Trying not to be stressed over it but naturally I most definitely am.

I tried all the tricks I’d normally use to dislodge foods but sadly it doesn’t seem that any gave worked :/

Does anyone else have this kind of problem?

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1 year ago

Hi elliesmith,
I have that problem sometimes aswell, i have choked and passed out on two occasions drinking water/juice, luckily in the company of my brother. Dr was no help, couldn’t really explain it. Crumbly foods are the worst for making me cough, it seems to just fall from my mouth down my throat into the windpipe whilst eating, no muscle reaction to stop it. I am still none the wiser. Hope you find out what it is.
Kind regards

1 year ago

@elliesmith , there’s some suggestions to clear this in this article:-

I hope something works as I can imagine how distressing this is.

1 year ago

@ck-uk yeah it drops before I’m trying to swallow. It’s bizarre. In this case I think I just swallowed too soon.

@stumbler thanks sadly I’ve tried all the things in that list and unfortunately none have worked which is why I’ve been waiting it out since…

I called my GP this morning. So now I’m currently waiting on a friend becoming available to take me up to a&e as per doctors request.

1 year ago

@elliesmith , do keep us updated, so that we know you’re alright.

1 year ago

My mother in-law doesn’t have MS but does have a swallowing issue that sounds similar. She has a hot drink with her meals and eats slowly. There is a operation for her problem but she is too old to have it. Potter

1 year ago

Well I’ve been to a&e. Due to my friend not helping it wasn’t til this evening.
They couldn’t see anything but I’ve been given an appointment at the ENT in ninewells see if they can find the cause.

Sorry to here @potter

1 year ago

Hi i have trouble chewing as I find i gasp for air it’s like i can only chew or breath one at a time. Also I forget how to swolow so i panick same when I drink I gasp for air

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