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skinny with MS

Hello I know its just about MS but I need an advice
or anything like that to support my health and strength I even feel weak
check my diezI only had 3 dates for breakfast
sometimes i est couple of eggs for breakfsst but once in a week or couple of weeks
l lunch had something like a tomato soap full of viggies and beef with lil white rice
lunch maybe shawrma if you know what shawrma is or kebabs
is that really too lil
i done drink milk daily buy most days
i drink tea coffee on daily basis more than healthy people šŸŒš
does this make me 43 kiloes on 156 hieght

anyone knows any website/apps with goodd tiped or dietitian talkinh about gain instead of lose weight

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8 months ago

Hi my name is Lisa im on this site cuz my family has awful MS. So i read your unfo. Sounds to me you need a HIGH fat diet if it difficult to eat “chew” get a blender start making malts shakes you can creative “icecream peanut Butter Banana ” different foods to get you nutritious high fat !!! Member Google ask to give you .more recipes!!! My father was a Doctor guaranteed he would of said this to you !!! Hope this helps remember
Google has everything!!! Much Love Lisa

8 months ago

@ lisa_morghan Hello Lisa,
Sorry that your family is struggling much with MS.
I’ve had it since 2004.
problem with me I dont eat big portion i get enough fast. even when i smell food my heart start beating out of fear hehe in uk they gave me ensior plus but its efficness is temporary.
thanks for yoir tip I’ll start doing it ;))

8 months ago

My husband has UC and is very active and has a hard time maintaining weight in some seasons. He really cranks on the fat and protein with no dairy and no grains (ie wheat, corn, etc). I see him add avacado to everything and, of course, bananas. He can’t stand the time it takes to make and eat a salad so he tosses it all in a blender and has a green smoothie.

8 months ago

@nutshell88, Iā€™m having problems swallowing but still I put on weight- I intend to put everything in my Nutribullet when I find it impossible to eat normal food. Look on google for the most nutricios foods and use Protein Powder to fatten you up and put it in a blender and eat!!!!!! But avocados are good and you must get them in Saudi xx

8 months ago

@ merfield
my body loses weight eady but nearly impossiple to regain
last year before starting gilenya it was difficult for me to swallow felt my throat closing almost and kept chocking
but now i feel my throat lil tight but i can swallow if i separate each much
ms nurse warned me from protoen powder the first day he gave me gilenya for some reason
today i had thyme sandwich for breakfast coffee ._.
two types of pasta on lunch but not big plate they are full of cheddar and cooking cream tho
then on my way to work had big smoothie mango banana avocado choco syrup and peach pieces work had tea and tea
out of work samosa olive leave with rice two chocolates coffee coffee seee
if i could reduce caffien too ._.
besides i sleep 6 hrs for a reason i dont know im kinda hyperactive
not in a healthy way just wandering on about for no reason

8 months ago

my bofy skelton is like marfan syndrome even movement all joints and all features apart from height and heart problem
in uk dr said i have muscle deficiency
my body just burns all my family tooo ::

8 months ago

Everyone has different challenges šŸ˜‰ I am always trying to keep excess weight off and have carried more than a typical muscle weight but I dated a power lifter in high school and he got me into lifting and I grew up on a farm so that is hard work and had an active hobby for many years of competitive horse riding in the english/dressage/jumping/eventing circuit. So that packs on the muscle and fitness. My husband has UC and is very fit/active and has a hard time maintaining his weight. He also experiments with fasting and is currently doing a 5 day intermittent fast trying to reset some biological something or ever ;-0 always pushing the envelope. He puts a lot of stuff in the blender and drinks it to get enough calories in. Lots of greens and a lot of fats. Just adds olive oil right into the mix and avocados, etc

Now as I am not as mobile I have started up on some PT again with a trainer that has a lot of training and history working with Neuro and balance issues. I wouldn’t go to just an average PT person again. I went to someone that was supposed to be so good for a year and she totally didn’t on to when spastacity was coming on and I was progressing into SPMS. Totally not clued in on MS. This guy is and has also done a lot of work with Parkinsons folks, etc so has good challenges for me to work on each week.

I asked the last gal if I should incorporate some yoga and stretches and she said NO! I was too loose and stretchy and needed to tighten things up after my hip replacement. There might be something to that about my hip area around the surgery recovery but it had already been a year and restrictions were no longer in place. I have been very flexible in the past…likely too much šŸ˜‰ with being able to put my foot behind my head and full splits in my youth, etc. but that is how my body is built and works…that is what I am used to and don’t think I should give that up as I work through spastacity. My current PT encourages me to do what doesn’t hurt and gives good advice on what I should and shouldn’t do plus his balance and strength moves.

I also like the ideas that “Life of Seb” puts out on YouTube. Great guy with MS in western Europe that I have enjoyed learning about his journey. He was pretty into Yoga for awhile so talks about his DMTs, challenges with MS symptoms and his exercise/life style. Inspiring and honest. He has promised some sessions on Yoga for MS but it looks like he is a bit overwhelmed right now…hopefully he can get to it.

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