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Selma Blair

Hi everyone,
I’ve been on holiday and just spent some time watching YouTube videos. I started watching videos of Selma Blair and was so utterly shocked by her speech. I hadn’t even realised this is a symptom or even possibility. I suppose in hindsight it makes sense but I was so shocked.
Are speech issues more common than I realised?

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2 months ago

@katrinaf93 , it doesn’t appear to be that common :-

2 months ago



Speech issues can be a symptom for some of us but not all.

I have SPMS and my speech fluctuates between speaking normally to very slurred and disjointed speech.

I’m aware that Selma Blair has MS but have not seen or read anything about it.

2 months ago

Nice be one off a few!
I now sound very similar to Arkright from open all hours.
I’ve had speech therapy which has helped a little.
I was a radio operator in the army many years ago.

2 months ago

I felt the exact same way when I saw the interview with Selma Blair.
I have a very slurred speech myself, sounding like a drunk most of the time, especially towards the end of the day, when people have trouble understanding me. But I’ve had MS for 23 years, with fast progression in the last 8 or so, and I assumed the speech problems came with the territory.
But I’ve never seen someone relatively recently dx’d with such severe speech problems. I understand it’s called spasmodic dysphonia and is related to muscle spasms in the vocal cords. I also read that it’s apparently quite rare in MS.

2 months ago

As a symptom of MS I have ataxia which can affect my voice. Sound drunk as slurring and hypersalivation abound by found it can be helped by Kwells travel sickness pills

2 months ago


Unfortunately I experienced slurred speech at the end of January which lasted two weeks. It goes away and comes back when I am fatigued/unwell/done too much.

From what my neurologist says, there was a slight change in my cerebellum part of the brain and this may have also led to coordination problems (ataxia I believe). I was diagnosed with MS in July 2018, although prob had it for 9 years.

When I saw Selma Blair on the TV it was the first time I heard someone talk in a similar manner to me and I was able to show my family what it can mean.

Hope that helps 😀


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