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Self care!?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been feeling really crap – in fact the ms nurses have questioned whether I am having a relapse. Ive started on baclofen to try and reduce some of the problems that have now become unbearable…
Anyway – I decided to write my blog this week about what self care is and what it isn’t. This blog isn’t a moan about how crappy I feel – I absolutely promise you that (in fact that’s not even mentioned once!!)

Hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think. Much love and keep well xx

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8 months ago

I can recommend this blog. It is well written and well constructed. A good read. 👍

8 months ago

@zoeb, this is a beautifully simple yet far-reaching piece of writing. What does self-care mean for me? It means living your life and falling asleep at the end of the day without fear or worry about what tomorrow brings x

8 months ago

Love the self care “recipe”! It’s easy to give up sometimes. Your blog reminded me that I need to remember not to forget the things that shape my future…the part of which I have some control! ❤️

8 months ago

@stumbler and @vixen thank you so much for your lovely comments. That’s really kind of you and I’m super touched.
And @vixen – you’re so right about self care. I completely agree… keep well 🙂

@rmdaniels I’m glad you enjoyed the blog and you found some use in it. It’s so easy to give up, especially when we feel so naff all of the time. I know when I wake up I do a body check, and there’s always something niggling there in the background that I’m not in control of – BUT you’re right, we have control over loads of things that will contribute to making our lives so much better!!
Keep well and hope you choose to do some of the self care tips – hugs xx

8 months ago

@zoeb , if you do “wake up, do a body check, and there’s something niggling there in the background that you’re not in control of”, I’d tell him to go back to sleep! 🤣

8 months ago

@stumbler amazing – thanks for making me laugh. Some person is laying into me about the blog on some social media group and that’s cheered me up no end!!

I don’t know why they are winding me up so much…

Keep well John

8 months ago

@zoeb , keep the positive people in your life and just ignore the negative ones.

Ignorance is like MS, both incurable!😉

8 months ago

Its some great tips I’ve adopted them into my life already.

I did a positivity jar at the start of the year, anything good happening i pop it in a jar.

Ive put my name down to learn CPR
At work always good to learn a new skill. Ive also going to do a voulnteer day as well. Ive learned to listen to my body when i meet friends i make sure nothing else that can tire me out is happening.

Ok im doing quiet a bit looking at it but if it can help my mental health and well-being its all good. I wont let ms define me 👍🏾

7 months ago

@zoeb so good🤟🏽

7 months ago

[email protected] I really enjoyed your blog and think you’ve shared lots of great advice. Well done, Dx

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