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Hi there,
I would like to ask, have anyone ever had eye twitching and sound in ear like water(not blocked just sound) and do you think it’s related with the MS? It lasts nearly a week and I’ve started to be really worried now as I’m thinking even if something else like stroke or I don’t know but just so worried. Please share any experience.
Thank you very much.

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1 month ago

@stankg hey… i often have twitching around my eyes. Have often put it down to MS but then you could put every twitch down to MS! Dont have sounds in my ear but often get whay i describe as buzzing! Like my whole head buzzes and vibrates!

1 month ago

@desn thanks for sharing.

1 month ago

I get eye twitches when stressed or tired. I too often feel like my body is a faulty fridge buzzing. Sometimes I think it would be good to develop some kind of VAR experience for others to experience these weird sensations

1 month ago

@stankg , consult your Doctor. Not all maladies should be blamed on MS.

1 month ago

I was occasionally afflicted with eye twitching and read that it can be from imbalances (potassium and Ca?) or not enough Mg. Now that I take Mg as a supplement (as well as D3, fish oil and HiCap C) I haven’t had twitching for a long time. I also make sure to have a small glass of milk for Ca daily. I have a pretty constant ringing of the ears though 😉

As Dr Boster notes and Stumbler rightly suggests – “sometimes nature can be too generous” and we may get more issues than just MS to deal with…we are just regular humans – with a bit extra- after all ;-0 so it would be worth having checked out.

I was having numbness and burning in my left hand at one point that I was ignoring figuring it was “just MS” and my neuro disagreed with me and told me to take that to my GP. She told me to get a massage and check out some yoga. The massage revealed a 1st rib that wasn’t staying in position and recommended a Chiro. He did some adjustments over time and I also did some yoga and belly dance (there is a lot of posture and shoulder work with that, good core strengthening) and my hand no longer has the issue and I think my 1st rib is staying in place now 😉 so – some things can be fixed, everything isn’t “just MS, deal with it”. I’d check it out or see if you can resolve to feel better-

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