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Residential care?

I have had ms since 1990, was told it had become SPMS in 2014. Since then I have got worse and worse, using a scooter outside and a walker inside. I still fall almost daily. I am 54. It has reached the point where my husband really struggles to get me up if I fall (although I am not very heavy)I am thinking i will have to go into some sort of residential care.
An ‘old people’s home’s doesn’t seem an attractive prospect. I don’t want to go into any ‘home ‘ at all but continuing so difficult.I have a starlift and rails from the occupational therapist but I’m still very limited in my mobility and falling.
Help! What do other people do in this position?

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7 months ago

I feel for you @gerbil .

I’m in a similar position. A bit older, male and fortunately still have some upper body strength. Me and the floor are good friends. I can normally haul myself up to the vertical by pushing up, using a chair or various bits of furniture, whichever is closest.

On occasions when I’m really feeling weak, I use the stairs. I’ll crawl over to them and get my butt onto the first step. Then ensure my legs are positioned correctly, push myself up onto the second step. From there I can either get vertical or transfer to a chair.

You may want to consider acquiring one of these :-

It allows one person to assist you, without risking themselves. Paramedics use these.

It could help you to remain at home.

7 months ago


I worked for 8 months as an MS society Field worker (I was on contract and the work load doubled so I had to let that go as I too have MS.) However if you contact your Field Worker and ask to be referred to an Occupational therapist who may be able to help with additional things around the home. I think @Stumblers suggestion is great and obviously tried an proven. Also the Physio maybe able to give you additional ways of getting up after a fall. I am in NZ so I’m not sure of the setup of the Society in the UK, they are all a bit different

7 months ago

Hello there @gerbil. So you are in a house, is there any way you could consider downsizing to something on one level?you are thoughtfully thinking of your husband, but, with your magic wand, what would you want for yourself?im a similar age to you but only got diagnosed two years ago. I’m doing OK, but we are working out a way to make a move now, so it’s something that we don’t have to think about in the distant future. You are some way away from being old, you know! Work out what you would like, and then work with hubby, family and other services to find a way to achieve your dream x

7 months ago

@gerbil You can stay in your own home. I’m 62, live on my own. In the last yr mr council have kindly put in athrough lift cos I don’t do stairs any more. Huge ramp at the front so I can get mobility scooter/electric wheelchair straight into house. Have a council ‘pendant’ if I fall over and can’t get up. 3 levels if aid. They call ex other half first cos he only lives round the corner, 2nd level they call ambulance, 3rd level, if they get no answer, they call police, fire, ambulance. I have a key in a locked box outside in case they have to they can let themselves in cos the staff at the call centre gave the code to open it. All for free from the council. I own my own house and thought the council only did this for council house tennants. I was wrong. I have no money but it was all done for free. Get in touch with yours. You need to speak to/contact Council occupational therapist and go from there. Good luck.

7 months ago

@gerbil I really feel for you Gerbil. Just last week my story WAS exactly the same as yours… then I had a blood test.
It showed I had another condition — HYPOTHYROIDISM.
The best thing is it’s treatable.

Please read my recent post: MS decling? Or Thyroid?

Good luck, gerbil, with my best wishes and understanding to you,

7 months ago

Contact GP to arrange visit occupational therapist they analise your needs investigate carers homevisists investigate if a mobility scooter motorised Wheelchair could be answer at home . Old people homelast answer you ca private message me.

7 months ago

@gerbil rMy local council provided a
It’s made a massive difference

7 months ago

I am a similar age, PPMS and major symptoms since 1993. I feel for you and hope your can find a solution that keeps you at home. Ask your OT if any help is available, stairlift / move bed downstairs / lifting device / care summoner / carer visits. When it gets bad, it’s time to ask for help.

7 months ago

Thanks everyone for your replies. The occupational therapist has provided me with an inflatable lifting device. I do like the description [email protected] stumbled of the floor and he being good friends! Husband not happy about moving at all so that’s not really an option. Think I need to exercise m ore to keep strength in legs and in upper’s not easy though.

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