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I’ve only been officially diagnosed within the last year. The symptoms I generally have on a day to day basis are fatigue, numbness, hand weakness and awful memory. I have only had 1 ‘proper diagnosed’ relapse in the past year.
I’m on Plegridy and my last dose was Friday night.

I have felt awful since Friday morning and just seem to be feeling worse and worse. I have severe fatigue (it’s hard to even write this) I feel like my body is shutting down. I have no control of my balance, stumbling everywhere I feel like people look at me and think I’m drunk. My speech is badly impaired, I stumble over words, cannot think of the word or use a completely different word than what I wanted to use. My concentration is at a all time low, u can be having a conversation, go to say what I wanted to say and then it’s gone. My body feel tired, it’s hard to even hold my phone up.
I don’t know what to do, I feel like I want to just sit and cry, it’s like this weekend has been going on without me and I can’t do anything, even going for a wee feels like I’m trekking up a mountain 🙁

Is this a relapse? Can anything be done to help? I don’t even know if I should of contacted someone over the weekend.

I feel so lost and so tired 😥

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1 year ago

Hello @gemstemple, sorry you feel so badly. I’m doing OK but have been spending this whole weekend getting a bit bloody fed up with the whole relentlessness of this condition. I was diagnosed last year too. One thing that helps, is to watch the videos on this site. They can’t help but make you feel hopeful for the future. Maybe not the immediate future, but further down the line. I’m afraid I don’t know about Plegridy, but deffo give your nurse a call tomorrow if you have one. Don’t cry 😥 everyone here will understand how you are feeling, we all have rubbish days. Eat some chocolate, watch the trashiest of TV, have a glass of something, text a friend. You are not alone x

1 year ago

I had to come off plegridy as it made me feel awful, I could tell the difference as soon as I stopped taking it. Ironically, I feel so much better without meds but having small children and going it alone, I can’t really take the risk of not taking any meds. My ms is mild and other than fatigue on occasion, like today but that’s after taking 3 pre teen boys to scarefest yesterday, it doesn’t really bother me. Maybe get it checked out as it can cause depression and a general feeling of feeling unwell.

Take care 😊

1 year ago

@gemstemple , it could be a relapse, so call up your MS Nurse as suggested above.

They will probably ask you one opening question, “have you got a UTI?”. A urine infection can take your MS symptoms off the scale very quickly.

1 year ago

I’m not a doctor but it sounds like a relapse to me. It’s now Sunday night, call your ms nurse/neurological department first thing tomorrow morning. It might not be a relapse just a bad few days, but we are all so different that old codgers, like me, who have had the beast for 26 years, and know my relapses well, can recognise one at a distance, if I don’t get intravenous steroids within 12 hours I start to lose my sight so I move quite quickly. You will eventually learn what’s ‘normal’for you and will be able to tell if you just need a couple of ‘duvet days’ or you need hospital help. You can usually have methylprenisolone only twice a year. I know you’re on Plegridy, was on Avonex myself for 23 years till the rrms became spms18mths ago and they put me on Tecfidera, which is great, 2 tablets a day instead of a great big needle once a week! Stay warm and relaxed, stress is very bad for ms, so don’t worry, we’re all here for you, just ask and someone will answer😍

1 year ago

Thank you all, the MS community is so amazing I feel lucky to be a part of it. It’s funny @grandma that you mention sight as I’ve been telling hubby the past week that my sights been funny thought I just needed a eye test and new prescription. Will definitely be contacting someone tomorrow x

1 year ago

@gemstemple Did you call your ms nurse?Its now Wednesday evening, wondering how you went on?😍

1 year ago

@grandma sorry for late reply. I spoke to my nurse last Tuesday and she agreed it sounded like a relapse. Unfortunately they couldn’t give me steroids as I had a MRI yesterday and the steroids could of influenced the scan 🙁

I’m doing a bit better but still not 100% x

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