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3 months ago

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3 months ago

Thank you. I have read as much as I can cope with at the mo. Think I might try and forget about it till my next appointment on tuesday.

3 months ago

Hello, after the first week of my first half dose of Ocrevus I was getting slight nerve pain in my legs and they felt a bit heavy, it cleared up after a few days, apart from that no real side effects or infusion reactions. @coralellis

3 months ago

Thank you @lukezni

3 months ago

I felt great after my first Tysabri! After the infusion I was quite tired but I think that’s more that I’d stressed myself out about it. The day after I was supposed to run 4 miles (I was doing a running program) and ended up running 8 miles without even getting out of breath. I was then knackered until my next infusion.

The energy bursts have eased now and I so far get no side effects at all on it.

Have you had a JC virus test yet?!

3 months ago

My nerve pain flared in my legs after my first two halves of ocrevus, but after a couple months it went away and I felt better than before I started. It hasn’t happened after my next couple infusions, but I feel a little weaker for a couple days after each infusion.

3 months ago

I just had the second of my first does of Ocrevus and was pretty stable. I had some reactions during the first dose for a half hour so they stopped the infusion and pushed benedryl until I was no longer showing a rash on a cheek and then started it back up no problem. Had no reactions with the second course so don’t really consider that an issue. Go back in 5 1/2 months for the next round and don’t think about it again until then 😉

I am pretty mobile but need a cane for balance and on uneven surfaces before the infusions. Feel a bit less dependent on the stick at this point and just over all lighter. We’ll see if it lasts 😉

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