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I signed a contract for conducting clinical trials of the drug. My relatives did not approve of my decision and each time they scared me with scary stories and the fact that I would be an experimental mouse🤷. In Ukraine, MS treatment is very expensive, and I think that for me this is a chance to get expensive drugs, MRI and tests – for free. How can I explain to them that I need it and for me it is very important. Only my husband supported my decision🤨

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1 month ago

Hi just read your post and that is exactly what I want to get signed up on I’ve asked ms nurse but doesn’t know anything about it but I would try anything to get my life back 👍

1 month ago

If you are comfortable with it and accepting of the risk as is your husband I say go for it. Others likely do not know what you are dealing with. Of course that depends on how much testing and research is behind what you are willing to test 😉

I was in a clinical trial when I was first diagnosed that was to determine if adding regular prednisone (steroid) to using Copaxone would give better results. Granted, for me, that wasn’t very risky as I tolerate steroids very well and was on the DMT already. In exchange I received free MRIs, clinic time with experts and bone density tests. I thought that was a fair exchange-

1 month ago

Yeah, hope is a precious thing. Being in a clinical trial offers a chance to fight back, to do something instead of just suffering. You will be helping everyone with MS – a heroic thing to do and I thank you if you do it.

1 month ago

@annakonuh , MS is your condition, so anything to do with it is your decision. But shared with your partner.

I can see your compelling arguments of access to cutting edge treatment, whilst benefiting from the close monitoring of your health and your MS.

It’s your decision to make. Your parents may have an opinion, but this is immaterial.

Good luck on what you decide.

1 month ago

Your life, your body, your choice.
Everybody you ask is going to have an opinion. Unless your relatives are doctors there’s little they can say to help you deciding.
Best of luck whatever you decide.

1 month ago

Thanks to everyone for the advice and support. Now I’m sure that I did everything right😉

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