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Please help.

Hi everyone I keep getting pins and needle – princkly tingling sensation in right side of face and roughly same time my legs go like jelly and weak and i almost fall. Is this normal? I am a little worried if its something not MS related.

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8 years ago

Sounds very MS related. Might be a relapse if it’s there for over 24 hours I think

8 years ago

If you’ve got an infection, it could be related to that. Have you contacted your MS nurse? Obviously, you won’t be able to get hold of her today, but I’d try speaking with her tomorrow.

8 years ago

Sorry, friend, but it sounds like MS.
I had pins and needles and tingling for MONTHS before. It was on the soles of my feet and palms of my hands.
It started again on my hands today. I’ve been heading into a little relapse all this week so I’ve been expecting tingles to return 🙁

8 years ago

Had the left side of my face and some bit of skull go tingly, weird sensation but it did go back to normal just bit by bit over a couple months.

8 years ago

Great thanks guy its a whole new symptom ive been having for a few days now it has almost made me fall a few times. Since feb i have has attacks of about 16 or so different symptoms
I dont have an MS nurse yet my first neuro appt is next tiesday (15th). how often do relapses or attacks last as since 13th feb i have been having varying symptoms since then. As you may have seem from my posts im new to the MS club so am lost. Im just waiting to find out which type of MS i have. Good job i have stick with me he has been great. Thanks for the support peeps this latest thing is a tad annoying but hey ho.

8 years ago

Hey @danrb80,
Yup that sounds very similar to me. I tend to bump and stumble my way down the hallway, and often get tingly bits in my hand where it rests against the desk where I am typing/writing.
I have also collapsed a few times, once where I couldnt get up at all and my flatmates had to haul me up and into bed were I remained. Usually with an hours rest I am good to go again, but there are times where it takes longer.
Take care mate

8 years ago

Hi Dan, exactly the same happened to me before my diagnosis! That first attack took a couple of months to die down and I’ve never been so frightened in my life. However, as soon as I was in the MS system with the neuro team and had access to MS nurses, things turned round. I’m sure it was the relief of not being on my own with it. The symptoms died back and I could ring up the nurses every day and get support. That was nine years ago and things have never been as bad again. So – hang on in there, help WILL come.

8 years ago

Thanks so much i hope i do get an MS nurse when i see neurologist. Cheers for advise

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