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PIP Decisions

I have finally got my PIP decision after 6 months of waiting (start to end) and have been told i will only be getting standard rate which is around £21 a week. I was originally on middle DLA rate with high mobility. I have been told i will also loose my mobility allowance. Does any one know how i appeal against this? The PIP woman who dealt with this was very rude and unhelpful and never gave me any info on appealing when I asked. I am crying as I write this as PIP is the only income I get as I am unable to work thanks to my MS. I have no idea how they come up with the decision as I am pretty much house bound and unable to go out without my wheel chair and someone with me. I cant cook for myself and need help to get dressed, washed, and blind in one eye from MS Optic Neuritis. Has anyone else had this happen to them with regards to their PIP claim.

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8 months ago

@bobkin_graves, I have no experience with PIP in relation to MS. However, I have supported someone else who successfully went through the appeal process. Obviously it would be amiss of me not to point this out, but I am not involved with PIP, I have no formal training in PIP or any other benefits, nor am I a trained in the skills to be a counsellor.

So based on my experience, when you received your notification you should also have had some information about a mandatory reconsideration process. From memory, this has to be requested by letter within 30 days of their decision letter. In our experience, the date on their letter was almost a week before we got it, and when we asked for a mandatory reconsideration it took 4 days from when the Royal Mail special delivery was signed for at their end.

Within the Mandatory Reconsideration request, we went through point by point that they score you on and point out any information / errors that you believe have been made. Unfortunately the system isn’t fair, you have to do all the leg work.

We sent a list of all points and explicitly listed why we thought it was wrong, we even agreed them on one point. The thing to bear in mind is you need to be consistent and honest as if you dont you will only make traps you will fall into later in the process.

I believe citizen advice may be able to assist but we couldn’t use them.

Be honest / Be consistent and keep records of absolutely everything (all letters etc). You will need to refer back to them later in the process.

Remember, in my opinion the system isn’t fair, they only need one reason to say no, the odds are stacked in their favour so don’t help them. Furthermore it is outsourced to Capita to do the reviews the reconsiderations etc, and you can bet your life they are working on behalf of reducing costs rather than helping people.

Anyway enough from me – I can talk for hours on this process. Get help / support if possible, get the letter written and sent by recorded delivery to prove you got it back to them in time.

Good luck – we went all the way through to the judicial review and won, it took about 18 months but we did win. If your claim is genuine / you should fight it with all you can.

8 months ago

Hi, Thank you for getting back to me. It has made me feel a bit better. I haven’t had the letter yet, I was given this info via Capita over the phone. I agree the whole system is not fair and it fails. I agree honesty is absolutely the right way to go. I used to be a Civil Servant when I was able to work. The standard of professional work practice Capita has provided is awful compared to when I worked for the civil service. I also can not get my head around how a person that isn’t a Dr or Specialist can make a health decision for someone. Surely the old way was better? a report would be sent from the Dr and specialist. Anyway like you i really need to get off my soap box and now focus on how i am going to appeal. Your reply has been gratefully received thank you.

8 months ago

No problem, as I said, it takes 18 months for us from the assessment to end up in court.

Feel free to drop me a message anytime if you want / need to. I have SPMS, so can’t image I will be disappearing from this site in the next 18 months. Unless of course, there is some amazing cure that can rollback MS for all of us. Probably not to likely on that front.

Take Care, and don’t let the B*ds get you down. 🙂

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