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Sorry I just really need a moan.
I’m so annoyed!!
Got a decision from my PIP appointment, they won’t be giving me the mobility element and it’s not because of the assessor but because of a letter I submitted (without reading properly) that had a mistake from my neurologist (he’s made a fair few on numerous letters) saying that I can walk unaided for 100-200 metres…
There was also nothing on there saying that I use a wheelchair that someone else has to push..
Going to ask for a mandatory reconsideration but I’m not sure what information I need to give them now, I can’t find any letters with all that information on it..
They’ve already given me the standard daily care rate but nothing else, also wondering should I rock the boat?
If anyone else has had experience in something similar I would really appreciate knowing how it worked out for you xx

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6 months ago

@kt_anne , this is a very valid moan, so get on and rock the boat.

Can you ask your MS Nurse to provide a statement of your condition? Even get them to get your neuro to provide a correct report on you?

But, do fight this. Mandatory Reconsideration just seems to be a procedural step, which doesn’t seem to have much chance of success. I could be wrong there, things may have changed. But, be prepared to lodge an Appeal. You can do that all online, but it shows the DWP that you present a serious challenge and they might reconsider at that stage, before the Appeal goes too far.

6 months ago

@kt_anne I certainly agree with stumbler… go on and keep rocking that boat until you are taken seriously. Request an assessor with the appropriate background and not a “layman”. You wouldn’t have a blind person examining a driving test nor an olderly do perform major surgery. I have finally managed to get through that and not without the obligatory – but unnecessary – brick walls.

6 months ago

When I first started I was on the standard rate for a couple of years . I thought I should be getting better support than this so I had another assessment and this time I was prepared of what to say . At the time I had to bullshit most of it of what I struggled with and couldn’t do . Thankfully I did and I got the higher rate PIP . I know now I don’t have to be worried about financial stuff . I’ve learnt to bullshit with health professionals otherwise you don’t get anywhere . That was three years ago . Do the same that I did and you will get good support

6 months ago

Similar problem. I can walk the 50m so no longer qualify, but I still stumble/fall sometimes. I’m currently not up to the whole appeal battle right now but I won’t be letting this go.

@kt_anne I had a similar moan the other week about PIP. Since then I have done a mandatory reconsideration, saw a lady from a local charity ‘Housing Matters’ to write an appeal letter and have spoken to my local M.P.

As @stumbler has said the mandatory reconsideration is just a procedural step for added stress!!

Good luck and rattle some cages!

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